View Full Version : What type of player you are?

m_pierce fan
Feb 19th, 2002, 12:50 PM
Hello!Please i want to know what is your style in tennis!I play power tennis and i think i am quite good at it...(Laugh)..I am 5 seeded player in my country (in my age)!!i have a tournament that starts next monday and quits next saturday...I am very excited what will the draw be.....?!?!?I had an injury about 3 weeks ago and i wasn't able to play full time tennis but now i'm back....My last tournament went quite good a i played in Quartefinals where i had to retire with an injury!!!It was really frustrating because i won the first set and the second set was tie....But that's tennis!!!

PS:Now please tell me your tennis and how did your last tournament went???:rolleyes: