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Feb 25th, 2004, 03:00 PM
(1) Evie Dominikovic DEF. Shelly Stephens 62 46 60
Beti Sekulovski DEF. Montinie Tangphong 62 63
Sophie Ferguson DEF. Da-Jung Hong 75 75 :)
Christina Horiatopoulous LOST TO. (8) Jin-Hee Kim 76(4) 60
(4) Monique Adamczak DEF. Amanda Dundas 62 75
Nicole Kriz DEF. Mirielle Dittmann 76(3) 36 76(5)
Olivia Lukaszewicz LOST TO Suchanun Viratprasert 64 64
Tiffany Welford DEF. (7) Lauren Breadmore 62 36 76(6) :confused:
Cindy Watson LOST TO Shahar Peer 61 36 75 :(
Natalie Tanevska LOST TO Shiho Hisamatsu 63 64
(6) Casey Dellacqua DEF. Dubvraka Cupac 63 76(1)
Jaslyn Hewitt LOST TO Rushmi Chakravarthi 62 61 :o

Good to see Evie with a 60 third set, starting to close out those 3 setters. Great to see Sophie with a win finally... its been a while. Welford beating Breadmore was a huge surprise.. Laurens not looking too crash hot this year at all. Tough loss for Cindy but Peer is apparently quite a good player. JASLYN! whats going on?!

Feb 26th, 2004, 01:49 AM
Terrible results by the Aussies

Evie should be shot for even dropping a set against Shelley.
Cindy - good effort, so close pity she could close it out
Good performances by Welford, Adamczak, Ferguson, Dellacqua, Kriz and Sekulowski
Hewitt - absolute shocker
Horiatopolous - thats 5 losses in a row this year, all str8 sets!
Dittmann - must learn to play better tiebreaks, she's lost everyone she has played since October!
Tanevska, Dundas and Cupac put up a good fight.

Feb 26th, 2004, 07:06 AM
Totally agree with you ausboy but lets hope the aussie girls can win a few more matches here