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Feb 24th, 2004, 02:25 PM
Thanks to Socrate for posting this on Amélie's official site:

De l'Equipe du 23.02.04 "Exrai" :
"L'infirmerie affiche complet : aucun des français du début de saison n'a repris la compétition . Bilan de santé
Amélie Mauresmo : victime d'une déchirure intercostale lors de son huitième de finale à l'Open d'Australie, elle n'a toujours pas repris l'entrainement, se contentant d'un travail physique . Une scintigraphie réalisée la semaine dernière n'a décélée aucune fracture de fatigue. Mais même si la douleur a quasiment disparue, il subsiste une petite gêne qui incite à la plus grande prudence .Le retour en compétition, envisagé à Doha, sera évoqué en fin de semaine .
Reprise : Doha (1er mars-8mars) ou Indian Wells (8mars-15 mars)"

Babelfished etc...:

"The infirmary posts complete: none French of the beginning of season took again the competition. Medical check-up Amélie Mauresmo: victim of a intercostale tear at the time of her quarter final at the Australian Open, she still did not take again the drive, being satisfied with a physical work. A scintiscanning carried out last week did not indicate any fracture of tiredness. But even if the pain almost disappeared, there remains a little discomfort which encourages the greatest caution. The return in competition, under consideration (to be) at Doha, will be evoked at the end of the week. Resumption: Doha (1st - 8th March) or Indian Wells (8th -15th March)"

I think this sounds like Amélie is almost better.... :)

Feb 25th, 2004, 12:51 PM
Yeah, well, I don`t really understanr too much of this medical language :confused: , but it looks as she`s getting better. That`s really nice to hear. Thanks for the good news. :bounce:

Feb 25th, 2004, 05:55 PM
:inlove: :angel: :bounce: :hearts: :inlove: Get well soon Amélie! :inlove: :hearts: :bounce: :angel: :inlove: