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I love Mary
Feb 16th, 2004, 09:07 AM
I think it's a funny game..
This would be that one mine:

Canberra---SF (lost by Dechy)
Australian Open---F (lost by Henin :fiery: ) (wins over Davenport in QF and Venus Williams in SF)
Paris---QF (lost by Bovina)
Antwerp---2nd (lost by Loit)
Indian Wells---QF (lost by Rubin)
Miami---F (lost by Serena Williams) (win over Davenport in SF)
Estoril---W :worship:
Warsaw---1st (lost by Black)
Berlin---3st (lost by Vento-Kabchi)
Rome---W :worship: (wins over Mauresmo in SF and Clijsters in F)
Roland Garros---W :worship: (wins over Capriati in QF, Henin in SF and Clijsters in F)
Wimbledon---4th (lost by Bovina)
San Diego---F (lost by Serena Williams) (wins over Clijsters in SF)
Los Angeles---2nd (lost by Molik)
Montreal---3rd (lost by Farina)
New Haven---SF (lost by Capriati)
US Open---QF (lost by Venus Williams)
Moscow---W :worship: (wins over Myskina in SF and Mauresmo in F)
Filderstadt---QF (lost by Dementieva)
Zurich---2nd (lost by Garbin)
Philadelphia---W :worship: (wins over Rubin in SF and Davenport in F)
Championships---SF (lost by Henin) (wins over Mauresmo and Myskina)

W: 5, Roland Garros, Rome, Moscow, Philadelphia and Estoril
F: 3, Australian Open, Miami, San Diego
SF: 3, Canberra, New Haven, Championships

Grand Slam:
Australian Open: F
Roland Garros: W
Wimbledon: 4th
Us Open: QF

Wins over a top 10: 15, Henin (1), Clijsters (3), Venus Williams (1), Mauresmo (3), Capriati (1), Davenport (3), Myskina (2), Rubin (1).

Ranked #3

Feb 16th, 2004, 09:46 AM
can i just win everything? :confused: