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Feb 5th, 2004, 11:41 PM
Aussie Report card for Summer

Alicia Molik

Had a great Hopman Cup winning against Mandula, Clisters and retiring against Hancthcova before injury stopped her progress before the final and forced her to withdraw from the adidas int. Best Oz open performance getting to the 4th round before a narrow lose to Mauresmo (quite a shame as a semi final spot beckoned after Amile withdrew next match)

Highest ranked aussie and player on the rise. A+

Nicole Pratt

Had a consistent summer with a 2nd round in QLD and tough 1st round in adidas. Had another good australian open reaching 3rd round and pushed Zvonerava (adidas conquerer) to 3 tight sets. Forming a good doubles partner aswell

Still going thorough in her stellar years. B++

Evie Dominikovic

What can we say . . . . Has huge potential but besides a win against a fellow aussie in Open hasnt got much to show for the summer. Dreadful challenger series saw her ranking drop and unless she can change this she will continue to drop.

Needs some confidence. C-

Samantha Stosur

Theoreticaly had best summer out of any aussie. Semis in QLD beating 3 much higher ranked players in the process. Also made 2nd round in Hobart before injury stopped her . . .would of been nice to see her go furthur then 2nd round in OZ but after the shameful challenger series leading into summer circuit had a awesome summer surpassing most peoples expectations.

One for the future, remember the name. A-

Christina Wheller

this girl has huge potential but has to realise it. Consistant Challenger series and again qualies in Oz open meant her ranking has stayed around 160's. Can match it with higher players but needs more exposure in top ranked draws aswell as lower ones

Hoping for a top year. C-

Monique Adamzack

Good challenger series and granted a wilcard in Canberra and Open qualies . .all this after coming back from injury. Showed promising signs but can play alot better, more matchplay and practice is needed

Stay injury free and ranking will improve C-

Trudi Musgrave

Very good challenger series awarded her the MD wildcard in Oz open. Couldnt hold macth points but showed she can play at top level. One of only 3 people to win a qualies match all summer. Made higher impact in doubles and probably had the best all round summer.

Stay focused and keep playing well. B--

Casey Dellacqua

Good challenger series led into strong showing at QLD despite her 1st round loss. Gaines oz open WC and played well unfortunate to lose but showed how well she can play.

Switching from Junior to Senior C+

Lauren Breadmore

Travelling last year helped Lauren's play and fought strongly in qualies matches after a horror challenger series. Another to win a qualy match in Oz open (despite it being against aussue junior) But has to take the next step up now to be effective and push ranking inside 200

Still manages to keep a stable ranking so thats good news for her. D+

Dubrava Cupac

Thought Dubs deserved a mention since she also had a qualy win in adidas beating drake ranked about 450 places above her. Also played in open qualies

Has attacking play and a bright future ahead of her. C

Other notables worth a mention

Cindy Watson
Stepped in last moment for Alicia at adidas and put up good fight agaist someone ranked 600 places higher. Coming back from injury and good to see playing again

Brianne Stewart
Good challenger series but a dreadful performance in adidas qualies let her down. Can play alot better and hopefully will realise it

Jaslyn Hewitt
Also had a good challenger series and a ranking rise. Played well in qualies loses in adidas and Oz open

Nicole Kriz
Coming back from injury nicole impressed in the challenger series and awarded qualies WC based on that. Can play well and has an 'open' year to improve her ranking

Sophie Ferguson
Played well but still a junior and found it hard goin at senior level

Olivia Lukaszewicz
Known for drawing justine in 1st round . . . hard to tell how she will go considering her opponents showed glimpses of greatness but needs to cut down error rate - but guess that comes with maturity

Feb 10th, 2004, 01:20 AM
My Ratings

Alicia Molik - A

She was scrappy but fought hard to beat Mandula, she pushed a sloppy Clijsters, killed a weak Hantuchova twice, beat qualifier Bachmann and in form Schaul, then pushed Mauresmo but failed to take her chances, she really should have done better against Amelie. All in all a good summer given her injury problems. I would have given her an A+ if she had pushed Mauresmo to 3!

Pratt - A

Solid win over Krasnoroutskaya. Lost to Petrova and Zvonoreva str8 sets. Aust Open won over Shaugnessy (17), Morigami (55), the pushed Vera to 3 sets! All in all Nicole did well defending most of her points from last year.

Evie - B-

Thrashed in Auckland by Okamoto, took a set off Sanchez Lorenzo in Canberra, was lucky but did play a good match against Trudi. Failed to defend points, now ranked below Wheeler.

Musgrave - B

Wowed me at Aust Open, played an aggressive match, 10 aces, 50+ winners, unfortunately was too tentative in her match points against an errorless Evie. Her form really was a lot better than in previous years, had a win over Krivencheva in Canberra. Will definitely improve her singles rank this year. She only has 9 points to defend until August!!

Stosur - A-

Did well in Gold Coast, and won a round in Tasmania and Aust Open. Disappointing effort against Kapros but defended all her points which was very encouraging to see. 2004 should see her crack the top 100!

Wheeler - D

Played a shocker against Benesova, has very one-dimensional game that is only going to see her slip down the ranks, needs new coach. She was a better player two years ago!

Adamczak - C

Impressive, powerful groundstrokes, lacks ability to construct a point, has the potential to go top 200 this year, Tu was too smart for her!

Dellacqua - C-

Went winless but was a consistent loser, never thrashed or disgraced against much higher ranked players. Still has a lot to learn, hoping she can break into top 200, but not overly confident that she will until late in the year if at all.

Breadmore - C

Lauren did well for her, she defended most of her points, she played an awesome match against Lindsay Lee in goin down. Also pushed Bondarenko too 3 sets. The next few months will be interesting, she had planned to try India WTA. If Lauren cant crack the top 220 this year then I would say its time to go uni full time!

Cupac - D+

Yes she beat Drake, but then again Drake, in her 30's, was winless this summer and is on the way out. Still mentally it was a good win. Like Baker though Dubravka needs some lessons in point construction.

Watson - B-

Played a great match against Rubin pushing her to a tiebreak and has now won $10K without dropping a set. Her rank almost back into the top 500 now. Showing signs that she can finish the year in the top 300!

Ferguson - E-

Showed no signs of improvement! She couldnt even push Lindsay Lee or Obziler!

Lukaszewicez - D-

Has definitely improved since last year adding more depth and power to her game. Still had no right competing in any senior events when she cant even win a junior event.

Hewitt - C-

Definitely has made some ground, her games has improved marketebly. Both her qualifying matches were closely fought. Can see her cracking top 300 if she can remain injury free.

Kriz - D

Comin back from injury she hasnt had much chance to show herself. Pushed Breadmore to the brink this week. Has no points to defend until July, can only go up! Top 350 for sure!

Stewart - E+

Snyder can be tough, but losing 6-0 6-0 was a disgrace. Bryanne at least got a doubles victory at Aust Open. I really think she should concentrate on making a living from doubles, should help her get some confidence if she can get some wins there. A bit like what Trudi has done to get herself back on track!

Feb 10th, 2004, 08:35 AM
Chers Ausboy

like seeing others thoughts, especially when they are like mine :-)

if any one else wants to comment please good ahead . . we all would appreciate it

also on ranking . . . . . . . imagine people like Trudi, Nicole, Casey, Monique, Cindy and a few others that dont have many points to defend and can get there rankings up !!

Feb 10th, 2004, 12:53 PM
Nicole hasnt got any points to defend untill June where she won 0.75 points at Seoul and then in July only got 0.75 points Incheon so her rnaking can only go up :lick:

Feb 11th, 2004, 09:01 AM
Good point Nicole has nothing so lets all hoe she can stay injury free and get that ranking up (we all know she can)

Feb 13th, 2004, 07:33 AM
Thanks for the posts bronco and Ausboy.

Agreed with the one-dimensional Wheeler comments. I feel she has tried to mirror herself to Pratt's style of play, but Nicoles results come from a big heart too!

Hopefully Musgrave can make inroads too!

Im feeling reasonable optimistic for Adamczak, Hori and Kriz for this year. Hoepfully along with Trudi and a couple can push into the top 200.

Feb 14th, 2004, 06:23 AM
Hori hasnt showed me anything to get excited about.

I think Trudi, Jaslyn, Cindy, Monique, Pratt, Molik, Stosur, Kriz, Dellacqua are the ones likely to move up the ranks

Feb 14th, 2004, 11:29 PM
the aussies all had good results over summer...cindy watson was stiff not to get the quail wildcard ahead of lara and szili..both of who have had very solid results over the 2003 season....cindy has proved her worth this week with a title to her name..in wellington..a field of many overseas players and what appeard to be a stong look field with players like breadmore and christina h...and tiffany coming back from 2 years of sickness...winning the money event the week before.

larry dempster who i have read about..her coach..must have put in a lot of long hours to get her back into such good form..

any body know about the cricket bat incident????? this has been spoken about around the traps.....

it was suprising that bryanne and evei didnt go to new zealand for match practice....daniella could have teamed up with her big sister to take out the doubles.

mephis looks to be the place that a few aussies have decided to play at...


im guessing samantha will continue to travel with craig morris this year...who has helped her on her way to stardom......congrats to tennis australia this has been a very good move.

does anybody know if lauren breadmore has a boyfriend i spotted her holding hands with a blond boy in melbourne during the aussie open

Feb 14th, 2004, 11:31 PM
hori has had a few injuries......i think that she has a boyfriend

does anybody know?

by the way bryanne is soooo sexy

blue eyes]


Feb 15th, 2004, 08:33 AM
yes it is good to see cindy back - she made 3rd aussie open few yyears ago and into top 150 aswell . . . same as brianne who i also hope can continue her climb up rankings

good too see aussie travelling like Pratt and Breadmore are in India and Stosur, Stewart, McShea and Musgrave are in Memphis

others are off playing some challengers too which is aswell . .Evie, Casey and Christina all need to start playing better improved schedules

Mar 21st, 2004, 01:54 AM
Anymore of these i love them? :hearts:

Mar 21st, 2004, 03:24 AM
my ratings

Molik B+

Played well at hopman cup beating mabdula in tough 3 sets and beating hantuchova. She then followed it by a strong showing at aussie open reaching fourth round. But she hasnt done much else> she also reached the top 30 but has 200 pts to defend in april

Pratt: A

Started off the year shakily. But got into top gear at the aussie open getting to the third round beating shaughnessy and morigami along the way. She then continued her strong form winning in Hyderadab. She is bak in the top 50 where she belongs and has 75 points to defend till august> who knows by the end of the year she could be top 25

Stosur A++

Started off the year superbly gett8ing to the Semi finals of gold coast. Along the way she defeated shaughnessy sprem and serna all top 35 opponents. She got injured in hobart but still managed to beat talaja and get to the 2nd rd of Aussie open. She then went to acapulco and reached the Quarter finals through qualifying beating sequera top 75 along the way. her usa trip was a huge success qualifying reachoing the 3rd round and finally getting to a carrer high number 100. She has only 55 points to defend till september so my prediction is top 60

Wheeler E-

She has lost her last four matches pretty easily. She evn lost to Sandu in the aussie challenger 0 and 2 . She then lost to brandi 1 and 2. Christina has 75 points to defend till may and i dont think she can manage that. My prediction is she will be out of the top 200

Dominiikovic D-

Evie has been been in a slump since Roland Garos. Her ranking has plumetted from 90 to 190 in 8 months. She started off the year with a new racket Babolat which shows she was very low on confidence> her first match she lost against okamoto outside top 250. She then took a set of sanchez lorenzo in canberra.She showed her mental toughness coming back from match point against musgrave at aussie open, she then lost a tough match to granville in 3 sets. evie has 70 points to defend till july. My prediction is she will reach top 200 but not much more buy the end of the year.

I willl do the rest later :lol:

Mar 21st, 2004, 03:39 AM
Okay Thank you for sharing that.

Mar 21st, 2004, 06:02 AM
cooldudeanzela, u make the comment about Evie changing racquets, saying that it highlights how low her confidence is????? How do you figure that??? Lleyton Hewitt changed racquets weeks after he first became number one in the world!

Mar 21st, 2004, 07:22 AM
:drool: She changed not only racquet brands but racket manufacturs

this means she was trying to do anything to break her slump which means she is very low on confidence

Mar 21st, 2004, 07:43 AM
thx 4 posting your thoughts CoolDude . . very interesting

Mar 21st, 2004, 07:45 AM
:drool: She changed not only racquet brands but racket manufacturs

this means she was trying to do anything to break her slump which means she is very low on confidence

What about Sponsorhip

Mark P changed his racquets for more oney but pershpa Evie's old deal had run out and the older copmany werent prepared to Sponsor her agian ??

Mar 21st, 2004, 08:05 AM
no evie emailed me and told me she was sick of using yonex and wanted to do anything to break out of the slump

Mar 21st, 2004, 08:11 AM
a load of crap Anzela :eyes:

Mar 21st, 2004, 08:54 AM
here is the rest of my reports


Monique has also changed racquets in the off season from wilson to dunlop and it seems not to be paying off.At canberra she lost poorly to parra and at the aus open qualifyin she lost even easier.She notched her first win at bendigo against an unranked player and then lost easily to tongasalee who is outside the top 300.She has to defend 30 points up until the end of may so i see her staying in the top 300 by the end of the year

Musgrave D+

Trudi did not have a very good year either. she beat krivencheva in canberra but has lost 4 matches in a row after that. She is a good player but is very tentative in tight momnets. She got injured in St paul so this could stop her season.She has 6.5 points to defend till end of september so if she can be healthy i see her reaching the top 200 or even top 100

Dellacqua C-

Casey did not take her channces againts higher ranked opponents she lost to serna and cervanova easy but took fedak to 3 sets>After that she went to challengers in bendigo where she beat an in form eden marama but lost to junior gilrs aussie open champ peer in tough 2 sets. she then went to the 10K in warnambool where she won the event beating marama in 3 sets again and crushing ferguson in 2. Casey has 33 points to defend up until november so i think top 200 or ven top 150 is a possibility but for her to achieve that she has to lose weight

Stewart E---

Bryanna played shocking this summer losing to snyder 0 and 0 with home crownd support. I was there and saw the match and her backhand was totally off , she also hit herself in the head with her racquet. After that she went to the usa beat a top 600 opponent 3 and 0 but then lost to svensson in 2 tough sets Bryanne has only 20 points to defend till october so i think if she works on her back hand she could be top 250 at least again

Breadmore B-

I think lauren had a good summer season she took a set off bondarenko top 160, beat glitinana at aus open quallies easily and lost to lee waters close 4 and 4, after that she travelled to aucklan and got to the final of a challenger beating Kriz top 400 and erakovic top 10 junior along the way her next goodwas the semi finals of benalla she beat van elden but lost to watson 0 and 2.Lauren has to defend 40 poits tell july and i dont think she can do that so i think she will saty in the top 350 but go no higher

Mcschea i think has retired from singles

Dittman C-

she didnt play till march but she got to the Quarter finals of warnambool beating kriz 1 and 0 and hong 1 and 3. she then went to benalla and lost to ferguson 4 and 4 in the rd of 16. She has 27 points to defend till august so i cant see her going to far up the rankings past 350 i think she should retire

Kriz D

she didnt play well at all at the gold coast losing to serra zanetti easily she then went to wellington and got to the Qf a good resukt but has only won one match after that.Nicole has only 1.5 points to defend till august so i am sure she can go top 320 if she loses sum weight and gets more balls in

Ferguson B-

sophie started off the year losing to lee waters and obziler easily but wen to the challenger series and played very well. She got to the Sf of the 25 k in bendigo beating kim top 300 and taking a set off the top seed 6/1. After that she got to the QF or bennalla and Warnambool beating chakvrathi top 350 and also dittman top 350. She has only 6 points to defend till end of November so i see her going to top 250 if she plays a lot of events. She is a very promising player

Hewitt F

jaslyn finished off last year very well. But she has not won a match all year or even taken a set off sumone. The good news is she has only 6 poits till defend till end of October which means she can easily go top 400 but i dont think she can go much higher

Sekulovski B-

Beti is a fiery player with a big temper. She seems to be regaining the form which took her to top 300. THis year she has gotten to the Qf of 25k bendigo beating evie in 2 sets wang top 500 in 2 sets and tangpong top 400 in 2 easy sets. She has not won a match since bendigo. She has only 12 points to defend till the end of november and i believe she can be top 300 agian if she controls her temper

plz tell me if u want me to do the rest of the aussie players

Mar 21st, 2004, 09:42 AM
Thats cool

good info some on points to defend with each payer

unfortunately alot of players dont travel overseas . . although they should - lots of points on offer

Mar 21st, 2004, 10:12 AM
do you want any more reports

Mar 21st, 2004, 09:21 PM
Dont think there is many people left

perhaps we should wait a month or so and do a quarter or third yearly report ??

Mar 22nd, 2004, 04:48 AM
i will do sum more later

Mar 23rd, 2004, 10:39 AM
hey dont knock casey's weight she gets power from that

Mar 23rd, 2004, 12:53 PM
Ok i'm gonna give a year to date sort of review.....

Alicia Molik -

Dodgy but gutsy performance against Mandula in Perth. Brilliant against Clijsters and proved she can mix with the top players, would have thrashed Hantuchova if it wasnt foor that foot! :( Had a great Aus Open performance.... Toppled Bachmann, good win over Hantuchova and shaky but professional over Shaul before pushing Mauresmo..... could have won that though her serve let her down a little. Was less impressive in the next few tournies.... lost 75 in the third to Hantuchova, beat Vento Kabchi but lost easily to Venus and was thrashed by Shaugnessy in Doha. Good win over former top 5 player Majoli in Indian Wells..... Held 2 match points against Kuznetsova but couldn't convert. Overall pretty consistent performances but will need to up her game soon as she has alot of points to defend in coming months.
Final Mark:- A- (extra mark for reaching top 30! first since Dokic in 2000)

Nicole Pratt

I am very impressed with Nicoles form. Started the year with a great fighting win over Krasnoroutskaya but was bundled out by Petrova. Lacked the weapons to beat Zvonareva in Sydney but made up for it in Melbourne with an inspirational win over Shaugnessy. Very tight and she played with her gut. Took a while to get into the match against Moriagami who played a very similar type of game. Also a match won with her heart, pushed a scrappy Zvonareva in round 3 but couldnt keep up. Took a couple of weeks off and won her 1st title in Hyderabad with good wins over Bartoli and Kirilenko. Dissapointed losses to Sugyiama and Dokic after winning the first set 60 against Jelena.
Final Mark - B+

Samantha Stosur

Awesome start to 2004. Finally starting to string consistent performances together. Started at the Gold Coast where she surpassed everyones expectations after a dodgy end to 2003. Upset Shaugnessy Sprem and Serna before loosing a tight 3 set match against eventual winner Sugiyama. Was going great also in Hobart - thrashing Czink and leading Zuluaga 64 and a break in the second before a hamstring injury haulted her run. Played great against Talaja in Oz Open rnd 1 but was very irratic against the consistent Kapros in round 2 going down 63 61. Had some shockers in the states loosing to Jidkova and Keothavong but regrouped on the clay at Acapulco where she qualified and upset Sequera and Schruff to reach her first wta tour q/f outside of Australia. Continued this form in Indian wells where she beat Acapulco winner Benesova in straight sets and upset Kleinova and Sprem in the main draw before loosing to an inform Davenport in round 3.

Final Mark - B++ (Would have been an A if it wasnt for the dodgy performances against Jidkova and Keothavong)

Christina Wheeler

Poor Christina.... things just aint happening this year. She's a great player and she's proved that in the past with wins nover Kournikova, Frazier and Panova but seems to be ..... going down. Thrashed by Brandi in Hobart and edged out by Benesova in Oz Open qualies. Hasn't played since. I used to run her website and I know she had plans of going to uni.... maybe she's not interested in tennis anymore. I hope not tho

Final Mark - D+ (Not that there is much to grade)

Evie Dominikovic

I really dont have much to say about Evie these days. Unforgivable loss to Okamoto in Auckland qualies, pushed Sanchez Lorenzo to 3 in Canberra and fought hard against Musgrave and barely scrapped by. Took a set off an equally shocking Granville in 2nd rnd in Melbourne but is playing far too tentitively these days
Final Mark - C (still posseses the fighting spirit but needs to be more aggressive or play a smart defensive game)

Will do more later

Mar 23rd, 2004, 07:47 PM
Those are insightful

its cool most posters have similar opinions

Mar 24th, 2004, 11:21 AM
Were u being sarcastic lol? :(

Mar 24th, 2004, 12:01 PM
petey pan ur analysis was a good read, dont worry what Sven says :hug: :wavey:

Mar 24th, 2004, 12:58 PM
thanks spikey!

Mar 24th, 2004, 08:15 PM
Do i wasnt being sarcastic

i meant excatly what spikey did (insightful) meant it had a good anaylis and struucture to it . . . . while (all posters have simliar opinions) show that we all can tell when people are having good/bad seasons and what needs to be done to improve

It was in no way a negative comment mate

Y dont u do a few more players like me . .aus . . cool all have

comon Spikey u2 love to see your thoughts on most of our players lol