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Feb 16th, 2002, 09:27 PM
How surprise are you that Venus is playign more in the start of the year? She's already played 3 tournaments(not including Aus Open) and maybe 4 tournaments if she plays Dubai. To me I'm really surprised and she is in good shape, unlike last year:rolleyes:

Feb 16th, 2002, 09:29 PM
Shes probably on steroids!!

Feb 16th, 2002, 09:32 PM
I'm personally not surprised , because she said she would last year... Then again, she is playing more especailly since she is thinking of taking the fall off... No complaints here. Go Vee!! :)

Feb 17th, 2002, 01:26 AM
I'm pleased I guess - I was worried when she got injured in Australia that she would be out for ages again.

Looks like she's committed to the no.1 spot and the tour which is good :).

And if she's on steroids, I suggest that Linton you take a leaf out of her book and go on something to help you get a grip on reality.

Feb 17th, 2002, 02:04 AM
Kart I geuss u better get to reality. as ive allready gripped onto "my" reality which is something u cant grip to! (hint hint)

Feb 17th, 2002, 02:47 AM
Considering that she didn't play one match since the first week in September for the rest of 2001, it makes a lot of sense. By the way, after Dubai she's going to take a month break until the Ericsson so it's really no big deal to me.

Feb 17th, 2002, 04:54 AM
Well I'm very happy for you Linton, but that was a little too much information :)

Feb 17th, 2002, 05:12 AM
When VENUS did not play much, it was a big deal by pudits who wanted her to play more.
Now she is playing and winning more and guess what? It is no big deal.

Also, she was not resting the last month of the season, VENUS was injured. Remember, the WTA hired three of the best medical experts in America to discredit her, but she was actually injured?

VENUS should come close to doubling that title count for 2002.