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Jan 24th, 2004, 11:13 PM
Right now I know that there are a million topics...on Venus loosing to Lisa.....and it seems like the Tennis world is has made it a "Venus lost" holiday...since the match. :rolleyes: I applaud Lisa's performance, but I really dont see what the big SHOCK if you look at the circumstances ...the way i see it anyone can be beaten on any given day. Anyone that watched that game saw that Venus played poorly waaay beyond the way she normally does.
1. 40+ unforced errors
2. poor first serves/back hands
3. poor movement on the court (anybody knows Venus is notorious for running down balls)
4. Has not played a tournament since july plus 1 exibition tournament.


1. Solid play
2. Strong Forehand
3. Good movement on the court
4. played more tournaments as well as both double and singles.

My conclusion is that....YOU ALL NEED TO RELAX ...Lisa played a very good game no doubt...and im not taking anything away from her.....but there was a lot of help from Venus with her unforced errors...and for the fact she was not seasoned....(which is her fault) Think about it.....Lisa never won a set from Venus in her total career..at 30 years old..now out of the clear blue the tennis world has everyone thinking she is Grand Slam material??? If thats the case...Kournikova is grand slam material because her record is about as good as Lisa's. Lisa's matriculation throughout the rest of the tounament will show if her game yesterday is worth the hype she is on now..so best luck to her. As for all my fellow Venus fans, there are no excuses...as Venus said..may the best player win...and trust me..after this match Venus knows what she has to do now...and trust me...I doubt Lisa or and many others will pose a big problem for her once she is back seasoned. For all the HATERS, when she gets back in top form , trust me..you are in for a ruuuuuuude awakening...Venus is back...so keep your eyes open. :devil:

Jan 24th, 2004, 11:29 PM
Interesting way to look at the match stats. You neglected to mention that Venus had 40 winners in the match as well.

Let's just write off that first set where Venus played awfully in the first few games making 9 errors in the first three games alone I believe not to mention at least one double fault.

In the second set Venus had 12 aces and only 2 double faults -- one of these coming when she tried to not hit to the forehand side where Lisa was sitting. She hit 23 winners to Lisa's 10 and had 26 unforced errors. Her error rate may have been a bit higher than usual in that set, but Venus normally hits a lot more errors and winners than her opponent. Lisa also had more errors than winners (12)

Venus also had a better break point conversion rate than did Lisa in the final set.

I think Venus's assessment that she lost the match in the tiebreak by going for too much too early was correct. I think that can be attributed to lack of match toughness.