View Full Version : Obata vs. Dechy: marathon match in the making?

Jan 24th, 2004, 12:28 AM
These are stats of the 1st game they played

Dechy was serving:

total time of this game 11min
total points played 18
Obata had 7 break points

if they continue at this pace, they would need at least 2 hours and 12 min (Dechy wins 6-0 6-0) :lol: :cool: ;)

Jan 24th, 2004, 12:31 AM
I hope it's a long game, All the more best for Patty Schnyder ;) ;)

Jan 24th, 2004, 12:37 AM
but not for me... I want to see Lina asap (who is scheduled to play Tatiana on this court). :D

Jan 24th, 2004, 12:47 AM
match time: 33 minutes
total games played: 5
I'm gonna have to go with a yes to your question

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:08 AM
55 mins and 4-4 deuce :help:

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:11 AM
Holy shit!!! they are still in the first set....meanwhile on center court, Roger has completed 2 sets and well into the third.... LOL!

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:12 AM
Roger is in a 3rd set and they're still in the first? :lol:
This looks to be the one of those Kapros/Petra matches. ;)

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:13 AM
I hope they move the "live" coverage over there after Roger's match
because this looks to be an intense round 3 match.

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:15 AM
still 4 all in the first set while Roger is up 3-0 in the 3rd set LOL!!!

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:20 AM
Yay, Nathalie held...after a gazillion deuces...More of the same on Saori's serve now :o :help:

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:21 AM
This is just the first set. We should've seen it coming, right?.
If a Japanese player is not getting blown away in set #1
get ready to hang around on court for long time because
their not going to give up the until they can't move their feet. :haha:

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:25 AM

Dehcy Serving: 15-30 :o:o:o

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:29 AM
And I thought Coetzer/Martinez matches were slow. :eek:

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:31 AM
And Fed has completed his match . . . meanwhile, these two are only at 5*-6 :eek:

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:44 AM
Unbelievable :o

fight Nathalie!

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:49 AM
Yes Keep fighting Nathalie fight all day so Patty can win ;) ;) ;)

Jan 24th, 2004, 01:54 AM
Does Patty need her opponents to be dead tired to beat them?