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Jan 23rd, 2004, 04:26 PM
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You travel all over the world playing tennis tournaments. What are our tips for traveling well?
Travel light, first. For things that you are taking with you on the plane, if you have a long flight, take a change of clothes. Dress in layers. Also, I pack at the last minute Ė always in the morning on the day Iím traveling. It works for me.

What are your favorite vacation destinations?
Anyplace with sun. Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, near the African coast. And the French Caribbean, like Guadeloupe. Iíve always wanted to go to Tahiti.

Any bizarre or frustrating things happen to you on the road?
Well, loss of luggage happens sometimes. I always take my rackets with me on the plane, so I donít need to worry about that, and a pair of tennis shoes so I can play.

Last year I missed a flight because I was sleeping in the London airport on my way to Montreal. I woke up and ran to the gate, but it was too late. But I won the tournament in Montreal that year!

Whatís you least favorite part of traveling?
I hate is that I donít get to see the country and the culture or wherever I go. I just see airports and hotels and tennis clubs. I would love to enjoy the culture of the places I travel.

What do you like best about traveling?
We can still see a little of the culture of the countries we visit. Unfortunately, I donít have time for much sightseeing.

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