View Full Version : I think Venus match

cool bird
Jan 22nd, 2004, 01:05 PM
I dont know what any body eles thinks. But i will start with the good things first Venus serve. I feel it has improved the first serve is hiting the spot so much better. I loved the out wide serve she has added on both sides. When it hits the spot it not only unplayble but IMO its as good as any of the men.

The second serve is ok not great but there are a lot of women in the top 100 who would love to have Venus second serve as a first serve. they is a lot more pase now, i feel she is geting some more depth now to. The only thing is the two break points she has faced in the two matches she has DF. so she will have to sort that out. Or she could be flying home soon.

The match over all I was not sure about. I could not make up my mind if Venus is injured and kepping quite about it, A like worried about the court, Or still half asleep

She did not move well at all for her. And she have that great big plaster on her knee.
Any way she will have move better when plays Lisa. I do feel that if Venus really needed to she could have gone up a level prob with about 5 to spare. :bounce: :bounce: :cool: