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Jan 22nd, 2004, 12:53 PM
I watched mostly mens tennis today, but I'll just write a few words about what womens matches I saw.

Schaul def Bovina

Elena was so off today, she kept going for the lines but couldnt hit most of her balls in. She also came into the net a lot, but got passed almost every time as her approach shots werent too good and Claudine played excellent defensive tennis. Claudine also played well, she hit loads of winners and her groundstrokes looked clean and accurate. There was not really any doubt who would win, even though Claudine served for it at 5-2 in the 2nd and choked her game away, I knew Elena couldnt hold in the next game and she didnt. Very disappointing from Elena, she still looks very frail like shes been ill recently.

Mandula def Maleeva

I saw the 3rd set only, Petra played so well, just like she did at Hopman Cup. She was dominating with her groundstrokes, hitting lots of great angles and running Maggir around a lot. She should go up in the rankings this year if she keeps playing like this as she played much better than her ranking.

Davenport def Loit

I only saw part of the 3rd set but it looked like Lindsay was playing very well in that set. She was attacking anything short and hitting it into the corners, and Loit couldnt do much.

Nav/Raymond def Okamoto/Takemura

Martina and Lisa were very impressive, they looked so sharp at the net and put everything away. Martina is still so much better than most players half her age! Okamoto/Takemura were made to look pretty bad, just like Pratt and Dragomir were made to look like amateurs in Sydney. There was a big cheer when Seiko and Ryoko finally got a game!

Sharapova/Tammy def Breadmore/Ferguson

This was on a small outside court even though there was a huge crowd and people even watching from the stands of the next court. Masha/Tammy were in control the whole time and never looked like being threatened. Maria looked very sharp, she made a lot of shots though she wasnt hitting the ball hard and didnt grunt. Tammy didnt play her best, she made a few more errors but still they were many classes above Breadmore and Ferguson.

Li/Sun def Prakusya/Tatarkova

Ting and Tian Tian were simply too good today, much better than their opponents. Most of the points were won on the 2nd or 3rd shots, as the Chinese team put everything away. There were times when they made a few loose errors, but overall it was a clean performance. Wynne and Elena didnt look like they were playing well at all, but it could have been due to the opponents making them look bad. Once again the whole Chinese camp were out there to support them, I happened to be sitting near Jie so I asked her about her foot and she said it was better today.

I saw loads of people practice too, but didnt spend much time watching. I saw Harkleroad on the court with Cargill, but instead of practicing she was facing the wall crying :eek: Her coach was talking to her and Ansley was practicing her volleys in the meantime and looked pretty happy. I dont know what Ashley was crying about but they went to the side and she said something to her coach and he said back "then you shouldnt play doubles" so maybe she was whinging about her doubles game.

Jan 22nd, 2004, 05:47 PM
Thanks! great report :worship:
Have you seen all the Chinese players play? What kind of potential do you think they have?

Jan 23rd, 2004, 01:49 PM
Thanks! great report :worship:
Have you seen all the Chinese players play? What kind of potential do you think they have?

I've seen Zheng, Sun and Yan play singles and i think they all have great potential. Zheng and Sun already play like top 100 players, hard to judge with Yan bc she wasnt playing well when i saw her, but she seems to have a good game but needs to mix things up a bit more and improve her mental side. I saw Li/Sun play doubles and they are excellent.

Jan 23rd, 2004, 01:53 PM
thanks :D

Jan 23rd, 2004, 02:03 PM
I happened to be sitting near Jie so I asked her about her foot and she said it was better today.

I felt a little bit upset when Jie lost in the game. Well, is it because of the injured foot. I hope it's not serious.

I knew she entered Round 2 in doubles. Go ahead. :)