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Jan 22nd, 2004, 02:25 AM
Game, set...and marriage proposal
by Chris McAsey
Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The Australian Open is not just about tennis.

Granted, Australia's's biggest international event brings together people from all around the world to watch top-class tennis, but also to soak up the Melbourne sun and party.

Some might argue Phillip Hoffman had a bit too much of both when he proposed to girlfriend Jenny Ann Fetch, a former player on the WTA Tour, in front of thousands of people on the Heineken Stage on Wednesday afternoon.

With golden late-afternoon sun streaming onto Garden Square, a live band belting out Hunters and Collectors' anthem 'Throw Your Arms Around Me' and plenty of the sponsors' product flowing, no-one could blame Hoffman if the moment overtook him.

But Hoffman, 27 of Sydney, had planned his proposal in advance and took advantage of a break in the music to take the stage.

After calling a genuinely surprised Jenny Ann to join him, Hoffman told her: "I love every moment I spend with you."

Getting down on one knee, Hoffman popped the question to an already teary Jenny Ann (and a few women in the crowd as well).

"Would you make me the happiest man today and be my wife?"

Fortunately, the answer was a resounding "Yes!" - followed by much kissing (ie. a lot).

Cue back to the tennis.