View Full Version : Annoying! TV only featuring experts for men's tennis

Jan 21st, 2004, 06:53 PM
At least in Germany. Any other countries having this problem ?

Grand Slam coverage in Germany, programs rarely have have any "experts" or former players with a clue about women's tennis and the WTA. :(
Usually they are featuring the German Daviscup-captain to give comments on match-ups and German players, like Patrik Kühnen this year. He's OK when talking about the male players, but when he's asked about the women he only has platitudes and nonsense to offer. :rolleyes:
Yesterday there also was a DTB-guy. When he was asked about the women he said "Yeah, it's bad that we don't have a player in the top 50", unaware of the fact that Anca Barna has been ranked INSIDE the top 50 since the end of last year. Not surprising though. :rolleyes:

It's partly understandable as we have one male top-player (Schüttler) but none on the women's side. But now all German players are out, except Mayer (ATP no. 200) and Barna (WTA no. 50). And what happens ? They are all about Mayer but no word about Barna.

I could imagine that it's similar in other countries.