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Jan 18th, 2004, 10:03 PM
predictions of wta players first on court :lick:

vodaphone: dementieva over jankovic 6/3 6/2

they both have strong baseline games but dementieva has a much bigger forehand and she doznt lose her coll like jankovic. jelena strength is good speed and good backhand deementieva strenght is good forehand and a good 1st serve. jankovic weakness is temperament and dementieva is second serve

showcourt 2 : tanasuguarn over granville 6/4 7/5

this should be a strong duel from the baseline both players hit the ball cleanly and flat but tanasugurans determination will be the factor in this match tanasuguarn strength is determination and groundies granville strenght is power and a good 1st serve tanasuguran weakness is lack of power granville weakness is consistency

show court 3: petrova over kapros 6/4 6/1

petrova will be too strong for kapros from the ground petrova strenght is great ground strokes with a lot of power she also has a an all court game kapros hits the ball pretty falt which mite trouble petrova a bit petrova weakness is maybe mentality but she is pretty solid kapros weakness is a terrible second serve and incocnsistency

court5: vento over czink 6/3 6/2

i dont know anything about the wayt czink plays all i know is she likes hard courts vento is a great counter puncher and shouyld win this. czink strenght is forehand vento strenght is cocnsistency i dont know czink weakness but ventos is lack of power

court 13 kuznetsova over perry 7/5 6/1

kuznetsova has jus come off an injury that she obtained while losin to salerni 6/1 6/1 perry has a strong game and has been playin well this yr kuznetsova strenght is big forehand and power perry strenghts is a soldi all court game kuznetsova weakness is back hand and consistency perry weakness is lack of power

court 18: zvonareva over ondraskova 6/4 6/2

zvonareva will be too strong from the baseline she hits the ball with heavy topspin and this is her strenght ondraskova strength is deceptive groundstrokes zvonareva weakness is temperament ondraskova weakness is power she is a very slight girl

if anyone has some other predictions plz share them

Jan 19th, 2004, 02:41 AM
Not bad 2/6

H-H over Olivia 6-0 6-0

- Olivia can't play at all. She'll hardly win a point

Shuagnessy over Pratt 62 63

- Pratt doesn't have anything to trouble Meaghen with.

Black over Callens 64 75

Serra Zanetti over Hantuchova 61 76

- Daniella has been playing crap the past 6 months. Serra Zanetti looked good in GC qualifying

Loit over Marrero 76 46 10-8