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  1. Whatever Happened to Little Miss Awesome?
  2. Jewish tennis players
  3. What is Jen going to wear when she comes back?
  4. Charity Jam
  5. Navratilova v Shriver in doubles
  6. Seles not ready to call it a career
  7. Jen to be on Speed Channel tomorrow and Wednesday!
  8. WTAtour.com database
  9. Is anyone watching the FO and totally think Jen would...
  10. This is the delayed Gala birthday thread
  11. Mary JO talks about Capriati's comeback date....
  12. Martina Navratilova in another Final!
  13. SI Flashback: French Open 1987
  14. Wrist Injury?
  15. Chang, Seles titles among top Paris memories
  16. Down time in the Blast
  17. When Jen comes back, do you think she should play some tier 3's/4's?
  18. Seles Lends Helping Hand to Tennis in Canada
  19. Happy Birthday Anna
  20. Seles, Fernandez Kick Off US Open Ticket Season
  21. Help Pls
  22. Little Mo if she were around today......
  23. Chris, Martina & Steffi documentaries on Biography Channel (UK) this week (see clips)
  24. World Team tennis
  25. Jane Lehane O'Neill - Underappreciated or Over-rated
  26. The Sawamatsus
  27. Carried off the court
  28. What is your take on veterans that talk about today's game?
  29. Zvereva vs Sabatini, N.Y. 1995
  30. Navratilova and Evert: perfect rivals
  31. The post any news you hear about Jen during Wimbledon thread
  32. Anyone going to Wimby?
  33. Wimbledon 35 & over event
  34. Are there any news about a comeback?
  35. Happy 60th birthday to Betty Stove
  36. Home: the Evonne Goolagong Story
  37. July
  38. You know you're a Jenn fan when...
  39. aahah check out this article guys
  40. Why are people labeling Jen injury prone?!
  41. 4th for the 4th!!
  42. The Greatest Woman Player never to have Competed at Wimbledon
  43. tapes Jennifer Capriati
  44. Jen committed to Moscow?
  45. Jen ranked 44!
  46. Question about Jana Novotna
  47. Jana Novotna and Carling Bassett-Seguso in Newport for Mixed EXO
  48. Bad news: Jen out of New Haven
  49. The Information about Torn Labrums Thread
  50. Help Voote for Jenn!!
  51. Happy Birthday Sammm !!!!!!!!
  52. Jana Novotna: In triumph and defeat, a dignified champion
  53. I'm going to Saddlebrook!!!!!!!
  54. Helen Wills-Moody vs. Margaret Smith-Court
  55. jennifer at us open..???
  56. The Other Aussies
  57. Amy Frazier-tour legend
  58. Jen Returning in Beginning of 2006
  59. I am/was so crazy about tennis I.........
  60. July picture poll: Grace
  61. Graf 1987-96: 676-45 win/loss record!
  62. This is the worst article ever!!!
  63. Anna with celebrities
  64. Best Play to Have Never Made a Top Ten List
  65. Did anyone see this!!
  66. Your favourite 'not-so-good' player
  67. More Classic 70s WTT broadcasts this month!
  68. Graf's Topspin Backhand
  69. Stephanie Rehe
  70. JanaNovotna's problematic doubles partnerships
  71. So near and yet so far...
  72. Jen not on US Open entry list
  73. The London Times online
  74. Why I think Jen will come back strong
  75. 1995 Miami Sabatini vs Kimiko Date
  76. 1996 Wimbledon Semifinal Graf vs Date..
  77. Which Player Failed to Live Up to her Potential the Most?
  78. Happy Birthday Argentino !!!!!!
  79. Good news: Jen commits to play Linz
  80. Capriati signals comeback to tour
  81. Looking for Tapes of Matches
  82. Jen to be inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame in November
  83. Rankings & Seedings: A discussion
  84. First MRI tomorrow morning
  85. What do you say.... lets do a match trade!?!
  86. Carillo at 2005 Wimbledon
  87. Jenny's new house
  88. ..
  89. why do you love Anna?
  90. Could Steffi in her Prime beat today's players?
  91. Which retired tennis player left the most enduring legacy to the game of tennis?
  92. August picture poll
  93. Carilloisms
  94. Personal Tragedies
  95. Stefano has received the messages for Jennifer!!!!!
  96. New member (well sort of)
  97. Fighting threads from GM will be zapped..
  98. Fighting free for all.........
  99. I want her back in action!!!!
  100. Monica Matches For Sale
  101. Uploading Pictures
  102. The Masters Career Thread
  103. Current Players Who Remind You of Greats from the Past
  104. "You Lousy Sack of Merde!" says Shriver to Austin
  105. Whatever Happened to...Gigi Fernandez?
  106. Linky Boshoff
  107. See you in 3 weeks!!!
  108. It's official: Women's tennis SUCKS without JEN!!
  109. Matches that Didn't Happen, but Should've...
  110. Natasha Chmyreva
  111. << The Legend Señorita Conchita >>
  112. Mug Shots
  113. I have an idea...
  114. Most likely to succeed with wood
  115. A rap I wrote about Jen
  116. Tennis Clipping Scans
  117. Windows of Opportunity
  118. Ladies of the Sport: Career Guides to Past Greats
  119. Jennifer Capriati Golden moments
  120. Interesting article mentioning Jen
  121. South African Open
  122. One-Handed Backhands
  123. jen/serina's rivalry
  124. A Girl Named Billie
  125. Tennis's Other 'Battle of the Sexes,' Before King-Riggs
  126. "I should've never lost to her!"
  127. 60 60 Victims Who Got Revenge
  128. US Open Classic Clips
  129. Jenn had wrist sugery too
  130. Biggest Upset in U.S. Open History
  131. best server/ most stylish serving motion?
  132. Predict how well Jen will do next year.
  133. The"Post Anything you hear about Jen during the USO" Thread
  134. Great BFTP Careers That Never Happened!
  135. New Coach for Jen? (& New Photo)
  136. Guests are welcome to join us! Come on in and share
  137. Women players have really come a long way
  138. NELSLUS in NYC.
  139. Seles Is Missed, but She's Not Really Gone
  140. Number one- versus -Number One
  141. Uso
  142. Darling Carling
  143. Capriati pulls out of Linz
  144. WTA considering bringing back the Special Injury Ranking next year; could benefit Jen
  145. Billie Jean Moffitt King
  146. Evonne Goolagong @ Wimbledon 80
  147. Easiest Run to a Grand Slam Title
  148. Spanish National Championship
  149. jenn wallpapers
  150. Yellow balls
  151. When Is January?? I Cant Take Much More Of This Boring Ass Season
  152. Comeback project!
  153. Monique Viele
  154. Dissertation on Chris Evert
  155. Serena and Molla
  156. Fed Cup
  157. Wightman Cup
  158. The dying art of doubles
  159. Anyone want to "adopt" a player in the Career Thread?
  160. Suzanne Lenglen Career Results
  161. Dorothea Lambert Chambers
  162. The Althea Gibson Thread
  163. "She Plays Like a Man"
  164. How do they say it- OMG!
  165. Graf-sabatini: A Lasting Rivalry
  166. Location, Location, Location
  167. Margaret Court Photo Album
  168. Time gap between first and next GS victory
  169. GREAT NEWS: Jen is back on court!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  170. Anna in Ottawa
  171. "The Rivals" - A new book about Chris-Martina
  172. Anna Kournikova Images Website
  173. Helen N. Wills Career Results
  174. The Ann Jones Picture Thread
  175. Ann Jones Career Results Thread
  176. Francoise Durr Honored by Fed Cup!
  177. Hana Mandlikova RESULTS and PICS Thread
  178. Virginia Ruzici results thread
  179. Iva Majoli Photo Collection
  180. Anke Huber Thread
  181. Trivia Contest
  182. Monica Seles Photo Tribute
  183. Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Career Results Thread
  184. Suzy Körmöczy Career Results & Photo Thread
  185. New Sponsor?
  186. Althea Gibson Results Thread
  187. "Bringing Up Baby" (from World Tennis)
  188. "One is not Enough" (from World Tennis)
  189. Sylvia Hanika's Career
  190. Jennifer MSN Group
  191. Contribution to the sport
  192. Desperate Search For Match !!!!!!!
  193. Sabatini dominates Graf in 1991
  194. All time great tennis books.
  195. New Jennifer's Italian Forum
  196. Mandlikova v Jaegar
  197. SI Flashback: 1981 French Open - Borg and "Hammerin' Hanka"
  198. SI Flashback: 1981 Wimbledon: Evert is Avenged vs. "Czech Flamethrower"
  199. You know you're a fan of Monica
  200. Hilde Krahwinkel Sperling
  201. Jennifer Avatars
  202. Martina's Exhibition match at Eastbourne 2005
  203. The Ten That Got Away
  204. 1996 Corel champs photo
  205. Comparing the past to the present.
  206. The classic forehand
  207. Tennis With Hart on Ebay
  208. The War Years 1940-1945
  209. Lenglen vs. Graf
  210. Miraculous Comebacks
  211. I know this has been asked many a time but...
  212. I'm DETERMINED to find out more info on Jen's status: who's with me?
  213. Question about title winners from the USSR
  214. Seles doesn't rule out return to Fed Cup play
  215. Evert-Navratilova
  216. Reminder about trolls
  217. Is anyone attending Jen's Induction into the Italian American Hall of Fame??
  218. I made an Anna banner I would like to share
  219. Pam's Tennis Journal - 1985
  220. All in the (Maleeva) Family
  221. Legacies changed by one result?
  222. Tennis: Seles still tempted to give it one last go
  223. OT: Tennis players as sexy athletes
  224. Steffi: Without Tears...old, entertaining and controversial article about Steffi
  225. Old Magazines Anyone?
  226. Updates about Jen during the WTA Champs
  227. The Williams Sisters vs. The Greats of the Past
  228. Small Update about Jen from today's FL Sun Sentinal
  229. WTA players voted in 1995: Now is your turn!! **RESULTS ADDED**
  230. I was never going to be the darling but look who’s smiling now. Who’s the darling now
  231. The Peters Sisters: "Pete" and Repete"
  232. New pix of Jen!!!
  233. Conflicting report about Jen: apparently she has NOT been practicing
  234. Interview with Martina and Steffi: July 95
  235. The ONE! The ONLY - Monica Seles Thread
  236. Billie Jean King Remembers Life as an Outsider in the 1950s and 1960s
  237. Stefanie Graf Results and Pics Thread
  238. My Monica web pages have moved
  239. Stephanie Rehe article from World Tennis
  240. Predictions from 1984
  241. I got the DVDs!
  242. Tennis Tape Clearout
  243. O Strange Fate! - Mandlikova's near win over Navratilova Amelia Island 84
  244. 1985 Palm Beach Gardens Final - Chrissie vs. Hana
  245. OT: Happy Thanksgiving
  246. More new photos
  247. RG 1990: The tie-break between Steffi and Monica
  248. Marat Safin on Anna (nice words) and Russian female players
  249. Margaret Court vs. Steffi Graf
  250. Martina is back!!