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  1. Lina Krasnoroutskaya Cheering Club
  2. POLL: Next Russian girl to win a title is
  3. Do the Russian junior girls have more potential than the Russian professional women?
  4. Anna Kournikova cheering team..
  5. Dinara Safina is reportedly..
  6. Lefties in Russian Tennis..
  7. Russians at Leipzig..
  8. Fed Cup Draws done .... Looking Good for Russia
  9. Eastern beauties gallery
  10. NEC WORLD YOUTH CUP team named
  11. Russian Girls at Kremlin Cup
  12. Are we becoming a nation of chokers?
  13. Maria Sharapova Cheering Club vol.2
  15. Russian Girls At Filderstadt
  16. Selecting Russian Fed Cup team
  17. Bovina's Herd: Elbo hits the Challenger Circuit
  18. Russian tennis info sources
  19. New Russian Girls ...... in Challengers/Satellites
  20. Two Russians Snag Zurich Wild Cards!
  21. Lina vs. Iroda!
  22. Are there any good Ruissian junior doubles player?
  23. Cheer for the Russian U16 Team
  24. Ys, Tenn_ace, etc., how can I get Tennis+ and ...
  25. Donīt worry Kournikova,you are COOL!!
  26. is tatiana panova a Amanda Coetzer prodigy
  27. Excellent photos fron the 2001 Kremlin Cup.
  28. Info about Katia AFINOGENOVA
  29. I was hoping someone could help me translate this Elena D. and Anna K. article.
  30. Big day for us, Russian fans..
  31. Info re: Lina/Elena sites
  32. Is it time for Lina K. to make serious changes and move...
  33. Matchball magazine online!
  34. Which Russian up and comers are finesse players?
  35. Why does Russia have such poor media coverage for the Fed Cup?
  36. The Yevgeny Kafelnikov cheering thread
  37. Voodoo thread for putting spells on nemesises of Russian players..
  38. Will Tatiana Golovin represent France or Russia when she's older?
  39. Is it too soon to say Maria Sharapova is the real deal?
  40. Happy Birthday Anna Bastrikova !!!!!
  41. Vera Dushevina Cheering Club !!!!!!!
  42. ITF Connolly Continental CupTeam Nominations
  43. Dinara is not overrated, but don't expect any fantastic results from her....
  44. Fans of Russian tennis. Please read my Sharapova/Kournikova thread in...
  45. katia afinogenova
  46. What Russian player will do the best in 2002?
  47. WTF??
  48. Anastasia Myskina Look-alike
  49. FED CUP DRAW 2002 Germany v RUSSIA
  50. I found an interesting article on Maria Kirilenko. Since we know very little...
  51. Great news for 2002 for Lina & Anna
  52. BelaRussian - Natasha Zvereva
  53. BelaRussian - Olga Barabanschikova
  54. Likhovtseva
  55. Interesting bio's from Matchboll magazine on young Russian tennis players.
  56. Which WTA event will M. Sharapova be likely to receive a WC before she turns to 15?
  57. WERE #2!!!!
  58. Any good ATP MBs?
  59. Is Anastassia Myskina training in America?
  60. Cheer for Russian Girls in Connolly Cup
  61. Ever heard of Natasha Chmyreva?
  62. The 2002 Svetlana Kusnetsova Cheering Thread
  63. Did Darya Titkina, a Russian junior girl, become a fashion model?
  64. Breaking news: Russia won both junior team titles.
  65. Svetlana Kuznetsova is World #1 !!!!!!!!
  66. Eggy, is it someone we know?
  67. What's going to be on Russian TV on New Year weekend?
  68. Anna Loginovskaya
  69. Kuznetsova's Coach....
  70. Favourite Russian player?
  71. Top players 1984-91
  72. What has Rick Macci done to Katia Afinogenova's career?
  73. Happy New Year!
  74. Anna won her first match!
  75. Merry X-mas
  76. Good Luck in 2002
  77. Which one Sharapova looks best?
  78. The way the year started we're for another bad one...
  79. Week of January 7th news thread.
  80. Nadya withdraws from AUS OPEN :(
  81. Aus Open Cheering Thread for the Russians!
  82. Will Eggy Send Us News from Melbourne?
  83. The way this AO started we're another bad one...
  84. Disaster..
  85. What should we expect for today?
  86. Safin vs. Youzhny could be a douzhny(doozy)! Get it?
  87. Some Pics I took today of Elena and Anastasia
  88. Anna
  89. Let's admit: Elena D. WAS overrated as a potential top 10er...
  90. Pics from the last tennis+ issue
  91. Russian Girls News/Scores week of 21/01/02
  92. Go Russia Davis Cup Cheering Thread
  93. AO semifinals: Russian prospective
  94. Happy birthday to Maria Kirilenko and Tatiana Golovin.
  95. Maria Sharapova in Girls' Final
  96. Aus Open Summary!!
  97. Russian Action in TOKYO
  98. Rare Kournikova used items on auction !
  99. Maria Sharapova interview after her SF Oz win.
  100. Anna Bastrikova Hit Parade
  101. Is Safin the only one?
  102. Nieuwe Club
  103. Paris : Elena v Elena to play Elena ......
  104. Some pics of the Russians!
  105. Cat in the Hat, is this you?
  106. Another dark day for Russian tennis?
  107. Day 1 at the Davis Cup
  108. Day3 at the Davis Cup
  109. Fresh2flash, what's going on with SE?
  110. Here's to hoping the Russian dynasty continues in...
  111. Russian Olympic cheering thread..
  112. The Greatest Russian of them all Elena...
  113. Elena's upcoming tournys
  114. Singles or Doubles?
  116. THIS IS MY 100th POST!!!!!!!
  117. Another fiasco of Russian tennis....
  118. Article on Maria Sharapova's WTA debut.
  119. Boiled Eggy!!!!!!!
  120. Whats happened to Elena!?!?
  121. Photos of Sharaopva
  122. Why we don't win tournaments? That's why..
  123. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! (Potentialy)
  124. Article on Anna and Maria.
  125. What! Elena is retiring? When?!
  126. Terrible News!!!!!!!
  127. Where is ys?
  128. I'm just thinking...
  129. Super Alisa Kleybanova Cheering Thread !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  130. www.elena-dementieva.net
  131. Iroda, Irina, Tatiana Perebiynis & Julia Vakulenko Fan Zone
  132. info pleez
  133. Russian tennis fans. Please go to my Maria Sharapova thread in general messages.
  134. Another theory of mine
  135. Finally we have something to cheer about this year..
  136. Have you read Marat's interview...
  137. A Sharapova/Myskina doubles team?
  138. The USTA has helped Maria Sharapova.
  139. Who will be in our Fed Cup Team ???
  140. Eggy, Russian ITF JR rankings?
  141. Anna Nefedova
  142. An interesting Maria Sharapova Reuters article.
  143. Does anyone remember Marat's injury details?
  144. Russia - Sweden Davis Cup cheering thread
  145. Maria Sharapova talks about girls rooting against her.
  146. 17 days (was 1000 days..)
  147. does anyone have pics of maria sharapova??
  148. Another one about Anna..
  149. Is Maria Sharapova the Moscow Miss? An article I found...
  150. Chat room
  151. Russian tennis fans. What do you know about this tennis facility?
  152. Tiny Tatiana Cheering Area!
  153. Has anyone noticed?
  154. A Poll About the Russians on General Messages
  156. What many people in Russia are crazy about (non-tennis)...
  157. Is it just me..
  158. Will Lina still get in the top 20 this year
  159. Is Marat playing too much?
  160. Do we have a writer here for this website?
  161. Please read my Russian serving problem thread in general messages.
  162. Why is Dementieva, who is in good shape, so bad in 3 set matches?
  163. Photos of the Russian Lynx in action in Oz...
  164. Elena D. retired from her match today because of...
  165. Happy birthday to Maria Sharapova!
  166. Fed Cup
  167. Outstanding Maria Sharapova photos!
  168. Sharapova Discussion
  169. Svetlana Kusnetsova schedule?
  170. ys, fresh & Nina
  171. Best-99
  172. Interview with Elena D.
  173. This year is already 1/3 over, and it looks like it will be another disaster...
  174. OMG! USA vs. Russia in Fed Cup relegation! Who will win?
  175. Don't you think that Nastya is wasting her good form?
  176. Only 2 active Russians won a WTA title!
  177. CNNSI Interview on Sharapova!
  178. On the topic of Maria Sharapova's citizenship. Tenn_ace and ys, are you U.S. yet?
  179. Russia will face China
  180. Article in 'The Observer'.
  181. Anyone read Tarpishev's book?
  182. Sharky, you say you would stop rooting for Maria if she became a U.S. citizen. But...
  183. Likhovtseva downs Panova in 3 set thriller!!!!
  184. Film footage of Maria Sharapova serving and volleying is available at...
  185. New WTA bio's of Russian players are available.
  186. An intersting Maria Sharapova article called "Get Ready For Maria"...
  187. Russian translator needed!!!!!!!!!!
  188. Things are SO bad for Elena D + Ana M that........
  189. Anyone know Maria Sharapova's upcoming schedule?
  190. Press Conference:Svetlana K d. Anna K
  191. Anastasia Myskina Inquiry
  192. Why does Sharapova get so much attention?!
  193. Congratulation to all russian fans
  194. Don't hate me, but... I want a Balkan players MB!!!
  195. My 3 favorite Russians won today
  196. 4 Russians to play for WTT in July 2002
  197. Maria Kirilenko Cheering Thread vol.2
  198. My pizza man was Russian!!!!!
  199. Russian Juniors Cheering Thread (Italian Open Juniors)
  200. Maria Kirilenko plays like Koulikovskaya!
  201. Canadian WTSN channel covers 2 SF matches (Estoril Open)!
  202. Tatiana Golovin!
  203. Kuznetsova
  204. Russian help needed. PLEASE!
  205. Nina_Rus
  206. Misha Bekker & Misha Zverev
  207. The Russian Roulette Roland Garros Thread :)
  208. Look for Russian disasters at Roland Garros and Wimbledon!
  209. Russia has virtually no chance to win the Davis Cup this year!
  210. Excellent Maria Sharapova photos from Indian Wells! Sharky found them.
  211. American tennis icon Billie Jean King speaks glowingly of Maria Sharapova!
  212. Anna did it! Elena should to!
  213. For those unfamiliar with Maria Kirilenko, I found an article and photo of her.
  214. Maria Goloviznina - who is she?
  215. Junior Tennis Player Profiles - Russia
  216. Interesting interview with Anatoli Glebov (Marat's trainer)
  217. 2 Roland Garros debutants.
  218. Non-tennis: Congrats to OXANA FEDOROVA!
  219. Irina Selyutina
  220. Elena Likhovtseva Party
  221. First, there was Anna K., then Anna B., and now there is Anna T! Or is it Anna C?
  222. WOW! Vera is leaving an impression!
  223. A nice article on Vera Zvonareva!
  224. Did you know Elena Dementieva served 2 games in a row today?
  225. Natasha Zvereva Thread - The Z-Woman is Back!!!
  226. Calling all Maria Sharapova fans
  227. What's with Maria Sharapova and her slow starts?
  228. Are Lina's and Nadia's careers in jeopardy?
  229. Any suggestions or tips of visiting Russia?
  230. How do you really pronounce these names?!
  231. Kafelnikov/Paul Haarhuis win Doubles!
  232. Atleast 1 Killed at Kremlin (Football, if you care)
  233. Russian ranks.
  234. Russian music thread..
  235. The Personality of Tatiana Panova...
  236. I have found a great Maria Sharapova article called "From Russia With Love".
  237. Russian cinema thread
  238. laberinto
  239. if you have time to read rubbish about YK win in the semis....
  240. Tatiana Panova Club
  241. My New Website For Vera
  242. Alina Jidikova?
  243. Is Maria Sharapova in the Wimbledon Qualifying?
  244. Wertheim CAN predict something right....
  245. Maria Sharapova UK exhibition
  246. Anna spirits are completely down......
  247. Would a Safin/Safina same slam win be better than a Williams/Williams slam final?
  248. Are we finally gonna get it???
  249. Should we raise expectations for Wimbledon?
  250. ITF 25K Sochi, RUS (week of Sept 9th) is CANCELLED!