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  1. Do you think Lindsay will play the French Open?
  2. I'm going to Indian Wells.
  3. Lindsay at Indian Wells
  4. Old but New Lindsay Pics
  5. She's TOPS!
  6. Articles and Interviews
  7. How do i get tickets for the US Open?
  8. If you considering seeing Lindsay play don't book tickets in advance
  9. Linds interview
  10. Confidence In Lindsays New Coach?
  11. Lindsay and her non celebrity friends
  12. Lindsay in Miami
  13. The Tower of Power's blog at TennisUniverse.com (a project from WTAworld.com)
  14. Lets talk about Wimbledon
  15. Lindsay's Amelia Island Kingdom.
  16. Lindsay's Ranking.
  17. Early signs Lindsay may possibly play next year..
  18. Clay season
  19. People Deffo off to the USO?
  20. Does anyone have the Wimbledon Final 2005 to upload?
  21. DVD Question
  22. Another 2002 for Davenport?
  23. Fed Cup
  24. Lindsay Down to #7 in Rankings
  25. First day of Fed Cup complete
  26. Lindsay in Istanbul.
  27. Lindsay out of RG
  28. Lindsay out of Roland Garros
  29. Davenport launches bid for 2005 glory
  30. Davenport gets past a tough 1st round
  31. Davenports Major Drought
  32. Lindsay loses in IW, pulls out of Miami
  33. Davenport Sets Red Clay Schedule
  34. So.... who are we rooting for now Lindsay's not playing??
  35. Lindsay....
  36. Best Lindsay vs. Hingis Final & Lindsay vs. Venus final?
  37. Lindsay's Wimbledon Chances: 50/50
  38. Good chance Lindsay will play
  39. Lindsay's chances of playing Wimbledon up in the air
  40. Happy Birthday Lindsay
  41. Lindsay at Wimbledon.
  42. can someone please confirm...
  43. Now that Davenport is out of Wimbledon, who will we be cheering for?
  44. Lets go to Stanford
  45. Lindsays ranking after Wimbledon?
  46. What was the first Lindsay match you saw that made you a fan
  47. Some interesting Lindsay news
  48. Lindsay has withdrawn from Stanford
  49. New Lindsay Pics 7/14
  50. Lindsay's matches for english correction
  51. When is Lindsay really comming back?
  52. Lindsay Articles Post Them Here
  53. Greeting from Rhode Island
  54. Lindsay's Highest Quality Tennis Match Ever
  55. I'm Going To The Us Open!!!!!!!!!!
  56. Let's Swing the Davenport triumph perhaps in New Haven!
  57. A flash tennis game, let's play!
  58. Lindsay ranked 9th this week
  59. Ad-Out: WTA policies
  60. Is Linds going to play in Bejing?
  61. Lindsay on TRANSWORLD SPORT!
  62. Lindsay in New Haven
  63. Davenport Plans Comeback Run, Not Fairwell Tour
  64. TOPS at the US Open!!
  65. Here is a must read article about Lindsay's concussion
  66. Another interesting Lindsay article
  67. US Open Draw
  68. Lindsay at US Open!
  69. Lindsay @ the USOPEN 2006!
  70. New Lindsay Fan
  71. Lindsay Hopeful to Play US Open, but unsure.
  72. I want to swap my photos on Lindsay for Nadal photos!
  73. Anyone know Lindsay's Fall Schedule?
  74. I had a dream about Lindsay
  75. Who's at the US Open?
  76. Lindsay Interview - R1
  77. Questioning Lindsay's Pilot Pen Final Withdrawal
  78. Lindsay in Bali
  79. My US Open photos
  80. Here is an interesting Lindsay article regarding Larry Scott
  81. Lindsay in Beijing
  82. Lindsay's autograph
  83. Lindsay set to announce wheather she wil continue or retire by mid November
  84. Lindsay in Stuttgart.
  85. Larry Scott May Offer Tennis Olive Branch To Lindsay Davenport
  86. Lindsay to play in Hong Kong, 2007.
  87. Lindsay will play 7-8 tournaments in 2007, but will continue!
  88. Bis got banned for good
  89. A couple of things every single one of us should remember
  90. A New Beginning.
  91. TOP is dead - let's do something fun!
  92. Lindsay's various exos.
  93. Lindsay's Legacy
  94. Yahoo: Lindsay is Pregnant.
  95. Bidding Farewell to Lindsay
  96. :(
  97. move thread
  98. Your fondest Lindsay memory
  99. After-thoughts.
  100. Lindsay Talks About Her Career and Her Future
  101. Lindsay Trophy Pics!
  102. My first, and final, Lindsay experience....
  103. The 2007 TOP Roll Call
  104. Can anyone help me
  105. Lindsay Davenport: The Best Of [Videos]
  106. Remember when....
  107. I saw this article about Lindsay and I'm not sure what to think of it...
  108. Is anyone else here bored and fed up with tennis?
  109. Here is a new Lindsay article from the la times
  110. Funny quotes and thoughts about Lindsay
  111. Has anyone ever brought dvds from Albert?
  112. Has there been any Lindsay news?
  113. Chances of a 'Lindsay is amazing' ceremony at Indian Wells??
  114. Lindsay's Avatars
  115. Why does Lindsay hasn't officially retired yet?
  116. Jon Leach ... we'll miss you to!
  117. Here is a newish Lindsay article
  118. Corina Morariu happy to be on tour [but missing Lindsay D].
  119. Vote For Lindsay!
  120. Here are some pregnancy phots of Lindsay
  121. 4 years ago today....
  122. Lindsay Commentating on FSN for PAC-10 tennis
  123. Lindsay's double bagel vs Kostanic?
  124. the I-still-love-Lindsay-thread!
  125. Is Lindsay planning a comeback
  126. Babyport Watch
  127. Lindsay's Birthday on Friday!
  128. Jagger Jonathan Davenport.
  129. Lindsay's comeback...
  130. Top 10 reasons why Lindsay and Jon Called their firstborn Jagger
  131. I know it's quite old but
  132. Lindsay to play WTT for the Capitals
  133. Anyone interested in going to the Philadelphia charity event?
  134. Here's an old photo I found
  135. Here is some more info on Lindsay's WTT appearance
  136. Lindsay plans to play Harbour Point
  137. help, Lindsay fans.
  138. Lindsay is Thinking about a Comeback!
  139. OFFICIAL : Davenport comebacks at New Haven (Doubles with Raymond) + Single at Bali!
  140. The countdown to Lindsay's WTA-COMEBACK!
  141. I found a WTT online feed, but not sure if it's Lindsay's match...
  142. Here is an article about Lindsay's WTT appearance
  143. The Lindsay wtt photo thread
  144. Doubles will do it for Davenport...For Now
  145. Interesting Coincidence
  146. Doubles During Bali?
  147. Lindsay's Diary
  148. Lindsay & The U.S. Open
  149. Going to the OPEN.... probably
  150. A great comeback article
  151. Lindsays most hard hitting/ hard fighted matches against other hard hitting players?
  152. Does anyone have pics of Lindsay when she played Juniors?
  153. Racquets Lindsay Used Throughout Her Career
  154. First Picture of Jagger!!!
  155. Lindsay & Lisa in New Haven...
  156. Lindsay Photos from New Haven
  157. Lindsay's comeback delayed until Wednesday
  158. Lindsay back with Adam Peterson
  159. Video and Audio of Lindsay during press conference.
  160. A Great photo of Lindsay and Jagger
  161. Davenport Begins Road Back, Eyes 2008
  162. Lindsay Junior Tournaments?
  163. Lindsay Davenport Match Reports?
  164. Comeback begins - Bali (Best Tier III EVER!)
  165. Here is the Bali singles draw
  166. Lindsay's in the Bali doubles draw and here it is.
  167. Lindsay wins first comeback match in doubles
  168. Lindsay in Top 100?
  169. Good Luck To Lindsay!!
  170. Comeback continues - Beijing
  171. Davenport dreaming after fairytale comeback trophy
  172. Lindsay will play in Québec City!
  173. A Lindsay comeback article
  174. A new Lindsay article
  175. Lindsay- Guested in Tiger Woods Block Party
  176. Lindsay's plan for the begining of 2008 : warm-up tournament + AO + maybe Fed Cup!
  177. Do you think Lindsay Davenport's house is fine??
  178. Plexicushion?
  179. Lindsay's Blog from Quebec
  180. Can anyone help me?
  181. Lindsay confirmed for ASB Classic
  182. Lindsay to play in Memphis
  183. New Lindsay VIDEO!!!
  184. A new Lindsay article about the olympics
  185. Lindsay on tv! Tennis Channel, Nov. 18, 8 PM ...
  186. Something fun to do as TOP is dead
  187. A Lindsay sighting
  188. Davenport/Daniilidou on You Tube
  189. Lindsay and a new stick?
  190. Lindsay's 2008
  191. Lindsay confirmed for Fed Cup in 2008
  192. What is Lindsay's Favorite Tournament?
  193. Lindsay in Auckland
  194. A Lindsay article from Auckland
  195. Winning Weekend for American Women!
  196. Lindsay's post-final press conference
  197. Lindsay and Jagger don't quite conquer Australia...
  198. Lindsay OZ open draw
  199. Serena Talks Up Lindsay
  200. who is Lindsay's coach?
  201. If Lindsay plays Maria in 2nd round....
  202. LA Times Article
  203. Lindsay Davenport partnering with Daniela Hantuchova!
  204. Lindsay, Jon and Jagger from last summer.
  205. Lindsay's interview with Justin Gimelstob on TTC
  206. Lindsay and Fed Cup
  207. Lindsay to play Amelia Island
  208. What was the best victory for Lindsay Davenport?
  209. Here is a new Lindsay olympic article
  210. Date of Lindsay's next tourny?
  211. Lindsay to play World Team Tennis
  212. Memphis Draw
  213. Lindsay Post Fed Cup
  214. Pics from Lindsay's last exhibition in 2006
  215. Lindsay Graphics
  216. Lindsay, in Full Bloom (nice article)
  217. Is Lindsay really a Republican?
  218. Lindsay needs a new profile picture!
  219. Indian Wells Seeding?
  220. Lindsay at Indian Wells.
  221. US Open 2008
  222. The whale hunting draw (Indian Wells)
  223. Observations from Indian Wells
  224. New Statistic
  225. A article that details Lindsay's back injury
  226. Mitchell and Webb
  227. Lindsay in Miami.
  228. Lindsay's home in Shady Canyon
  229. 10 Questions: Tennis Superstar Lindsay Davenport
  230. I found Lindsay's home!!!
  231. A big hello to all Lindsay fans
  232. Lindsay ws written about in this week SI Mailbag
  233. Lindsay in Amelia Island. (SF withdraws, but keeps AI win streak alive!)
  234. I Saw Lindsay At Amelia Island
  235. Lindsay not playing Fed Cup semi
  236. Questions about some Lindsay matches...
  237. An embarrasing story. . .
  238. Lindsay in Warsaw?
  239. Vote for Lindsay!
  240. Lindsay and the Italian Open???
  241. Lindsay to play Eastbourne
  242. 'Davenport is out of French Open' - what the hell?!?!!
  243. Lindsay and Jagger on cover of magazine
  244. Lindsay in Eastbourne.
  245. Lindsay's 2008 Schedule?
  246. Is Lindsay playing Olympics??
  247. decent article on davenport's trainer
  248. Happy Birthday Lindsay & Jagger!
  249. Here is a new Lindsay article and a photo
  250. Who's going to Eastbourne?