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  1. Happy Belated Birthday BUtttTTTTTTTTeeerFRENA
  2. Williams sisters matches for ordering
  3. Have a good recovery Serena
  4. Nike Tennis Primetime Knockout Event
  5. ''Has Serena had a nose job?''
  6. Serena did not get a nose job! same nose back in 2002!!!
  7. Serena is so beautiful and stunning
  8. Sandra Rose asks, "Does Serena Williams have a serious problem with men?"
  9. Post the most ridiculous posts about Serena :spit:
  10. Who Wore it Best? Katy Perry vs. Serena Williams
  11. Confirmed: Serena definitely won't play in Tokyo!!!
  12. Happy Birthday Serena
  13. Serena on Oprah today!
  14. Did Serena tank her match against Jelena at @ 2008 AO?
  15. Serena rumored to play LINZ
  16. 2002 FO Serena vs 2003 FO Serena
  17. Serena and Anna still BFF's
  18. Serena's injury???
  19. Serena Williams Sex Tips
  20. Serena's Grand Slam titles.
  21. Serena's best matches of 2010
  22. What does Serena need to do to win a 2nd French Open title
  23. This is how Serena's 2011 schedule should look..
  24. Has Serena ever Double Bagled an opponent.
  25. Swagger of a Champion.
  26. Serena withdraws from 2011 Hopman Cup will she miss the 2011 Australian Open,
  27. Beyonce on Serena - 'She is ferocious'
  28. Your top 5 Serena comebacks?
  29. Serena due back in March 2011 targets Miami return
  30. Confirmed: Serena will play Mixed Doubles in Rome
  31. Serena to be inducted into California Hall of Fame
  32. Can Serena complete a Career Grand Slam in Mixed Doubles
  33. Can Serena Williams win Wimbledon & US Open in 2011
  34. 2011 AO Outfit
  35. Can Serena be the shock winner of the 2011 French Open
  36. Serena's 2011 Articles/News
  37. Serena's 2011 Picture Thread
  38. Serena & Venus's Father at Wimbledon 2005
  39. Serena' House
  40. Sarin?? Please explain?
  41. Serena Matches Galore: More Videos Than Youtube!
  42. Damn, I miss Serena!
  43. Another damn open letter to Serena.
  44. Serena engaged?
  45. Serena Fans, who do you want to see win the AO?
  46. The "IN" CROWD..... Everywhere your favorite "ISN'T"
  47. Serena's 2011 Schedule
  48. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - Chapter 5....'Waiting for Rena'
  49. Could someone please put Sandra Rose, and her "source", out of my misery?
  50. Serena 2011 Hit List.
  51. Clips of Serena being her most "Serena".The queen at her finest.
  52. New pic of the REAL Queen of Tennis @ Pre-Superbowl party
  53. Serena Williams Workout Routine
  54. Serena's mission for Singles Gold in 2012.
  55. Serena Williams 2011 Oscar Party
  56. ESPN on WTA without Serena...Nice tribute
  57. Serena's restaurant foot injury
  58. American Davis Cup Players Send Well Wishes to Serena(Video)
  59. Serena, Venus Williams’ dad says “I do” to bride 37 years younger
  60. Serena's Expected Return to the WTA
  61. Welcome back to the top 10, Serena!!1!1
  62. Serena Williams Enjoys Bikini Time and Cocktails on Miami Beach
  63. Is Serena playing Roland Garros?
  64. I love Serena!
  65. Another week in the top 10 for Serena
  66. Serena sings "Survivor" at Karaoke Bar
  67. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - Volume 6...The Wait Is Over!
  68. This is how I think Serena's 2012 schedule will look
  69. Williams Sisters Matches on DVD [Update on 2014/04/11]
  70. Serena In The Daily Mail
  71. 'The Queen Returned at EastBourne' AS AWSOME AS ALWAYS SHE'SBACK ]
  72. Serena starting Karaoke at Wimbledon...
  73. sw5
  74. Cougar!!! Serena Williams Has A New Young Boyfriend
  75. Serena's Show of Emotion: Good or Bad?
  76. Beyonce on why she admires Serena Williams!!!
  77. Sasa Bajin : Serena is very possessive boss :)
  78. Serena's New Wilson Ad-Hilare!
  79. A few years ago there was a common thing when Serena lost first...
  80. Serena Williams New Workout Routine
  81. Serena as a Prom Queen?
  82. Serena Ranking Watch
  83. How will Serena do at Stanford?
  84. US swimmer Hall mocks Serena Williams
  85. Summer Schedule for Serena?
  86. Did Wimbledon crowds disrespect Serena Williams?
  87. The ESPY'S: Prom Queen Serena Williams Sings & Plays Clarinet
  88. Haha #DamnSerena trending on twitter...
  89. ESPY Awards 2011 : BEST FEMALE TENNIS PLAYER is...
  90. Um, wow. Is this the best shape Serena has ever been in? (link to pics inside)
  91. Sarin Stanford Cheering Thread!
  92. Sarin Toronto Cheering Thread
  93. Your one wish for Serena in 2011?
  94. Good Answer by Serena Williams :lol:.
  95. Serena Serenade
  96. Serena's Evolving Game: Not Use As Much Energy As In The Past
  97. Serena the Conqueror
  98. Serena Williams is the 10th most powerful black woman in the US
  99. Sarin Cincinnati Cheering Thread
  100. Summing up the Serena Williams situation
  101. Is Serena actually playing Cincy?
  102. Is Serena playing in Linz in 2011
  103. Serena Williams On Britney Spears
  104. Serena's 2012 Schedule
  105. Serena dreams of Venus's pregnancy, will continue after big sister's retirement
  106. Damn Serena looks good!
  107. What are Ur Career Hopes, Dreams, and Wants for Serena?
  108. Anyone else dying for a Serena-Woz SF?
  109. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - Chapter 7: Sequeena Has Returned!
  110. Sorry to Serena and all her fans...
  111. Serena dancing the haters off
  112. Ree and Roddick to play mixed in AO
  113. CONGRATULATIONS to Ms Serena Jameka Williams..
  114. Can Serena win a Grand Slam in 2012
  115. Sarin's Brisbane Cheering Thread
  116. Happy Birthday Gdsimmons!!!
  117. Can Serena ever win a 4th US Open
  118. OMG Serena is too much!!!!!!!!!
  119. Serena Williams - More than just power!
  120. Serena's 2012 Schedule
  121. Serena's 2012 Picture Thread
  122. Serena's 2012 Articles/News
  123. S. Williams: "I’ve never really liked sports"
  124. Serena's Australian Open cheering thread
  125. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - Chapter 8: Snatching Wigs at AO
  126. Serena is in Melibourne and she is looking FINE!!!
  127. Serena isn't fussy about love anymore....
  128. Which Tournament Do you expect Serena will play next?
  129. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - Season 9: I'm Not THAT Desperate
  130. Serena's Fed Cup Cheering Thread
  131. "I'm in love with Madonna"
  132. The Get Well Doni Thread
  133. Song of the moment!!!
  134. Sarin's Monterrey Abierto Cheering Thread
  135. Happy 1 Year Anniversary of Sarin's boot coming off!
  136. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - Cycle X: Mission - Miami!
  137. Sarin's Miami Cheering Thread
  138. Serena Watching Grigor Dimitrov Match
  139. Serena to star on "Drop Dead Diva"
  140. Serena's Charleston Cheering Thread
  141. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - Book 11 - The Thirst Games
  142. Looking for an article from awhile back.
  143. Happy Birthday Renalicious
  144. Serena, The Enemy and Astrology
  145. Serena's Fed Cup Cheering Thread
  146. Website
  147. #14?
  148. Serena's Madrid Cheering Thread.
  149. Serena on CNN "Pierce Morgan Tonight"
  150. Serena Dominates Steffi in 1999 IW, Signs Of Things To Come
  151. Serena Williams will be number 8 in the world on Monday.
  152. Serena's Rome Cheering Thread
  153. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - Track #12 - "Wait A Minute Now..."
  154. 5th Slam - 2013 United States Gay Open Cheering Thread
  155. Serena's Roland Garros Cheering Thread!
  156. S. Williams ball toss
  157. Serena's SW19 Cheering Thread
  158. Will Serena play any tournaments again before Wimbledon?
  159. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - #13 - I Do Everything Better
  160. Serena's Trophies - 2014 Brisbane, Miami, Rome, Stanford, Cincy, USO titles!
  161. Serena awesome passing shots!
  162. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - #14: ON TOP OF THE WORLD
  163. Serena has won 5 of the last 7 majors on a winner
  164. #15
  165. Greg Garber
  166. Lordrena's Stanford Cheering Thread
  167. Serena's best Grand Slam victory
  168. Goldenrena Takes London 2012: Part II
  169. Serena’s Career Grand Slam production (updated)
  170. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - #15: Golden Lady
  171. Lordrena's Cincinnati Revival
  172. Serena's Mixed Doubles thread
  173. Serena's Forehand Technique
  174. Last time Serena hit zero aces?
  175. Serena Storms Flushing Meadows 2012
  176. My Time in Cincy!!
  177. Serena Slam's Encounters with Serena
  178. Can someone with more knowledge help me out with this?
  179. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Thread - SPECIAL: Happy 10 Year Anniversary
  180. Going to WTA CHampionships in Istanbul to see Serena
  181. Serena dumplings The China Open
  182. #16?
  183. about a song on USOpen 2012
  184. In which slam wins have you been able to watch every single match live?
  185. Venus and Serena: The Movie
  186. Never Featured Outfits
  187. Serena books her Turkish Airline flight to Istanbul YEC
  188. All the players who gave Serena trouble are OUT!
  189. Serena Fans "Talk About Any Damned Thing" Chapter 15: "I'm the Liquorice Bitch"
  190. Serena's 2013 schedule
  191. Lauren Van der Pool From Gangs to Gourmet Chef
  192. Serena Slam: 2012 Superlatives. All winners in Post #1
  193. Serena Slam: 2012 Superlatives - Thread of the Year
  194. Serena Slam: 2012 Superlatives - Post of the Year
  195. Serena in Israel :)
  196. Vote for Serena in WTA Player Awards (voting ends 25/11!)
  197. Serena's slow start to 2012
  198. What are your dreams and expectations for Serena in 2013
  199. Will Serena play Mixed Doubles in Australia Open 2013?
  200. Serena's GS win threads in GM
  201. Serena's Best major-winning look
  202. Here's To Hoping That Serena Has a New Haircut for 2013!!
  203. Serena's Brisbane Cheering Thread
  204. Serena's 2013 Picture Thread
  205. Serena's 2014 Articles/News
  206. Serena Twirls Through Melbourne 2013
  207. AO Draw Prediction
  208. Could Serena play all 3 events at a Grand Slam.
  209. Serena Fans "Talk About Damned Thing" Chapter 16: The Golden Slam Girls
  210. Serena: "This has been the Worst 2 Weeks of My Life"
  211. Serena not meant to win Australian Open?
  212. Serena and Slam Quarter Finals Curse
  213. How S. Williams' injury took her out of the runnings.
  214. There Is Only One Serena Williams!
  215. Who is better 2009 or 2012 Serena
  216. The Middle East Swing Part I: Destination Doha
  217. #1Rena Does Her Duty In Dubai
  218. Could Serena get a Golden Boxed Set
  219. Serena's Miami cheering thread
  220. Serena switches from Miami hard court to Charleston green clay
  221. What titles do you want Serena to have at the end of 2013.
  222. Why does Serena keep skipping Tokyo??
  223. Great video of Serena practicing in Miami
  224. Serena's Fed Cup thread
  225. Serena's Madrid Cheering Thread
  226. Women's Tennis Stock Watch: Who's Rising, Falling Ahead of 2013 Madrid Open
  227. Serena Fans "Talk About Damned Thing" Part 17: She Hasn't Looked My Way...
  228. Rome - Internazionali BNL d'Italia - Serena's final tournament before the French Open
  229. Le Thread
  230. Serena's Nike shoes?
  231. Serena's thoughts about weapons and Jason Collins
  232. Can we say....AMAZING????
  233. Deux
  234. #17?
  235. Winning Streak-31 and counting.
  236. Serena's Grand Slam Wins Ranked
  237. Thank You Virginie Razzano
  238. Lordrena's Lawn
  239. NYT: Serena Changing How Tennis Is Played, One Surface At A Time. Edition: CLAY
  240. The Most balanced analysis of Serena in print yet.
  241. LordRenas Fans.
  242. Who thinks Serena will play at the 2020 Olympics.
  243. How Long Has Serena Studied French Language?
  244. Serena Williams' Paris love affair fuels new-found serenity
  245. Beleaguered Serena coping badly without Venus
  246. So it's offical Serena 2002 season > 2013 season
  247. If you don't think this loss will motivate Sarin even more for the USO, think again.
  248. Serena is still the best player in the world.
  249. Serena's power: the most overrated thing in her game?
  250. Serena Fans "Talk About Damned Thing" Track 18: Didn't She Almost Have It All...