View Full Version : Lindsay Guarenteed the #4 seed at Oz...

Jan 9th, 2004, 09:04 PM
because of the withdrawl of Serena. Now she can't meet Venus, Serena, Justine, or Kim until the semis. Good for Linds, but too bad it had to come this way....

Jan 9th, 2004, 10:23 PM
#4? Isn't #3? I guess it depends on Venus, and if she gets a special seeding.

This is Lindsay's chance to win another major...Kim injured, Serena out, Capriati out. Venus rusty.

I'd love a Venus/Lindsay final!

Jan 10th, 2004, 03:07 AM
I heard a news in Gen Message that Venus is seeded 3 and Mauresmo 4.
1 is Justine and 2 is Kim.

What a fuck????

Jan 10th, 2004, 03:25 AM
Kim might not play so Lindsay could be 4!!

Jan 10th, 2004, 03:54 AM
she better be seeded number four. i mean i like venus so maybe they can just make momo number 5

Jan 10th, 2004, 07:38 AM
how the heck did Momo get #4?

Jan 10th, 2004, 12:10 PM
I like Momo but it's crap that she's the #4 seed.

Jan 10th, 2004, 08:10 PM
lets just hope that kimmie poo has to pull out or we can only hope that davenport faces momo in the quarters or a not in form cupcake kim!!

Jan 11th, 2004, 12:01 AM
wait...Momo is actually ranked higher :o
I was thinking Lindsay ended the year higher ranked, but I guess not. Makes sense now

Jan 11th, 2004, 12:01 AM
I just hope it's not a Lindsay/Venus quarter! Let it be a Lindsay/Momo quarter!

Jan 11th, 2004, 01:05 AM
the draw, i know is random, but it usually puts the 4th and 5th seed in the same section of the draw

Jan 11th, 2004, 08:18 AM
Lindsay is seeded 5th at this stage because Venus gets her protected seeding of 3 and Mauresmo is actually ranked higher than Lindsay by a few points so she gets the deserved 5th spot.

All I can say is she'll have to suffer one of the top 4 then in the 4th round again and damn I can only hope she manages to get through to when I'm there in Melbourne which is in the 2nd week.

Jan 11th, 2004, 02:40 PM

Lindsay could do with at least a #4........having said that, like some have already said, a Lindsay/Momo 1/4 might be better than a Lindsay/Venus 1/4.........on the other hand, we don't know what kind of shape Venus is in - I think 6months is the longest stretch that Venus has been out for, in which case, she could be in poor shape - who knows.

It's a shame we have to rely on pull outs for Lindsay to get a good seeding. :rolleyes:

:bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:C'mon Lindsay! :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce: