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Dec 24th, 2003, 08:26 PM
*U.S. figure skater Cohen switching to Hughes' coach

Sasha Cohen, a two-time U.S. figure skating silver medalist and the Grand Prix final champion last year, has split with Tatiana Tarasova, her coach the past 18 months, and hired Robin Wagner, who coached Sarah Hughes to a gold medal at the 2002 Olympics.

The U.S. championships are Jan. 4-11 in Atlanta.

Hughes, a Yale freshman, has not competed since finishing sixth at the world championships last March. (sunsport.net)

Here is another article citign the change

*12/24/03) — Two-time U.S. silver medalist Sasha Cohen announced today that she and coach Tatiana Tarasova have amicably parted ways.
According to Tarasova, "Lately I have not been feeling well. The amount of travel to Sasha’s international competitions has adversely affected my health. Physically, I need to have a less rigorous schedule. I will be going back to Russia to take care of myself. I wish Sasha all the best in the future."

Cohen said, "I am grateful for everything that Tatiana has done for me both personally and for my skating. I wish her all the best, and I hope she has a speedy recovery."

Cohen also announced that Robin Wagner, who coached Sarah Hughes to an Olympic gold medal in 2002, will begin coaching her immediately.

"I have known and respected Robin for a long time and am very excited to be working with her," Cohen said.

Wagner said, "As everyone knows, I am passionate about coaching, and I am thrilled and excited to have the opportunity to work with a talent like Sasha."

Cohen's next competition is the 2004 State Farm Figure Skating Championships in Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 3-11, 2004.
( hmmm, Sasha's season wasn't really all that tough New York, Reading Pa, Missauiga, Canada, Paris,France, Colorado Sping Colorado. I have also not read anything else about Tatiana's other pupils)

* Irina Slutskaya has withdrawn frm Russian Nationals citing she still needs time to recover from an illness :confused: ( I never heard about this) Many observers have said Slutskaya appears thinner. It is likely that Slutskaya will not compet at the European Championship or a Worlds. Although unlikely the Russian Federation may reserve a spot for Slutskaya if she is healthy enough in time.( contributors ISU message board)

* List of Competitors for U.S. Nationals

Senior Ladies
E1 – Suzy McDonald, SC of New York, Inc
E2 – Jane Bugaeva, SC of North Carolina
E3 – Louann Donovan, SC of Boston
E4 – Erica Archambault, Colonial FSC
M1 – Andrea Gardiner, Houston FSC
M2 – Alissa Czisny, St. Clair Shores, FSC
M3 – Natalie Mecher, Wagon Wheel FSC
M4 – Alexandra Patterson, St. Clair Shores FSC
P1 – Angela Nikodinov, All Year FSC
P2 – Aanya Reiten, Lakewood Winter Club
P3 – Stephanie Rosenthal, Utah FSC
P4 – Felicia Beck, All Year FSC
B – Sasha Cohen, Orange County FSC
B – Amber Corwin, All Year FSC
B – Jennifer Don, Texas Gulf Coast FSC
B – Danielle Kahle, All Year FSC
B – Jennifer Kirk, SC of Boston
B – Michelle Kwan, Los Angeles FSC
B – Beatrisa Liang, All Year FSC
B – Ann Patrice McDonough, Broadmoor SC, Inc.
B – Yebin Mok, All Year FSC
Total for event - 21

Senior Men
E1 – Johnny Weir, SC of New York, Inc
E2 – Matthew Lind, Colonial FSC
E3 – Derrick Delmore, Washington FSC
E4 – Mauro Bruni, SC of New York, Inc
M1 – Ryan Bradley, Broadmoor SC, Inc
M2 – Benjamin Miller, St. Paul FSC, Inc
M3 – Rohene Ward, Starlight Ice Dance Club
M4 – Daniel Lee, Broadmoor SC, Inc
P1 – Dennis Phan, All Year FSC
P2 – Jordan Wilson, Santa Rosa FSC
P3 – Justin Dillon, St. Moritz ISC, Inc
P4 – Michael Villarreal, All Year FSC
B – Jordan Brauninger, Northern Kentucky SC
B – Timothy Goebel, Winterhurst FSC
B – Ryan Jahnke, Broadmoor SC, Inc
B – Nicholas LaRoche, All Year FSC
B – Evan Lysacek, DuPage FSC
B – Braden Overett, Denver FSC
B – Parker Pennington, SC of New York, Inc
B – Matthew Savoie, Illinois Valley FSC
B – Scott Smith, SC of Boston
B – Michael Weiss, Washington FSC
Total for event - 22

Martian KC
Dec 24th, 2003, 08:49 PM
I haven't heard about Irina's illness either. It was an injury, no?

Sarah Hughes is done with amateur skating? I didn't even know she parted with Wagner.

Anyways, I'm glad Michelle is still skating!^_^

Dec 24th, 2003, 09:54 PM
WOW, pretty surprising news, especially so close to Nats. Ugh, I hope this means Sarah has quit. Has there ever been an uglier Olympic Champion?!! (I mean in terms of skating, not looks haha ;) )
Wonder whats happening with Irina, hasn't been around for ages, and with Sokolova injured and Volchkova being in poor form (surprise,surprise) looks like Russian ladies will be pretty weak this year

Peter M
Dec 24th, 2003, 10:18 PM
Irina has Vasculitis, a diease that can be deadly if left untreated. She's looking at a six month to a year recovery time, if all goes well.

It's doubtful she'll be able to seriously compete with the top skaters ever again.