View Full Version : Police Pursuit Has Fatal Ending for Family

Dec 22nd, 2003, 08:45 PM
Police Pursuit Has Fatal Ending for Family

Four people were killed during a high-speed police pursuit in Perry County late Friday night, but details of the accident are still vague.

Perry County Coroner Jimmy Runnels said the Beaumont Police Department was chasing a four-door Dodge car traveling south on Eight Mile Road when the car left the road.

``They were going at high rate of speed and just left the road and hit a tree,'' he said. The car, with four people inside, caught on fire when it hit the tree, Runnels said.

The driver, 36-year-old Charles McDonald; his wife, Jo Anne Louise McDonald; their daughter, 10-year-old Lula May Mates; and a passenger, Louie Melton, were dead on the scene when Runnels arrived at the scene.

Police also have not released a reason why the police pursuit began.

``The accident is under investigation,'' Penton said.

The crash brings the number of deaths in police chases to 44 in Mississippi since 2000, according to Jackson-based Victims of Police Pursuits, an organization which tracks police pursuit deaths.

Police pursuit accidents have been discussed by the Legislature for the past couple of years. The Legislature has created a commission to study the issue.

The Commission on Police Pursuit Standards and Procedures earlier this month completed a series of statewide public hearings.

Dec 23rd, 2003, 03:11 PM
cops need to get over their power trip.