View Full Version : Anyone like Jana Kandarr

Frank Riley
Oct 31st, 2003, 01:29 AM
I like her but have never actually watched her play can someone tell me about her?

Oct 31st, 2003, 11:53 AM
i love JANA! i'm fan since i saw her playing in hamburg 95 on television. as a qualifier she reached the quarterfinals, defeated BRENDA SCHULTZ-MCCARTHY(6) 63 76. i fell in love with her! two years later i saw her live in hamburg, losing easily to SANCHEZ-LORENZO.
JANA is a nice person, very smart and calm. as a player she had big potential, but she never used it. maybe because she were always planning her after-tennis-future. she made her school-exam in 2000 and told in a lot of interviews that she plans to study. JANA was top 50-player in 2001 and had a few great wins on her list: MAURESMO, SUKOVA, MARTINEZ, COETZER, MALEEVA, SCHULTZ-MCCARTHY, LIKHOVTSEVA... her biggest successes were the fourth round in melbourne 2000, semifinals in palermo 96 and in estoril (or porto?) 01, quarterfinals in hamburg 95 and amelia island 97...
we're not sure about it (there's nothing official) but it seems that JANA retired in the middle of this year... :sad: