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Oct 7th, 2003, 12:04 PM
Kapitein Ivo Van Aken heeft de
Belgische selectie bekendgemaakt die de
eindronde van Federatiebeker speelt. In
afwezigheid van Justine Henin-Hardenne
en Kim Clijsters, voert Els Callens
(nr.84) de ploeg aan. Ook Caroline Maes
(243), Elke Clijsters (397) en Kirsten
Flipkens (611) zijn erbij. Evenlyn Van
Hyfte (420) is reservespeelster. In de
finale met vier ontmoet BelgiŽ de VS in
de halve finales. De eindronde van de
landenbeker is van 17-23/11 in de VS.

Berichtje van teletext.
Elke, Kirsten, Evelyne :bounce:

Eindronde is niet in VS, maar in Rusland :rolleyes:


Oct 7th, 2003, 12:06 PM
Like most expected. :) Nice to see Evelyne in the squad too :)

Oct 7th, 2003, 01:20 PM
Indeed Expected. Els will be the obvious choice to play all the singles and doubles she can...

But who will play the other singles and the doubles? I go for Caroline (singles) and Elke (doubles).

Oct 13th, 2003, 12:42 PM
elke should easily play the doubles. as for the other singles i'd probably go for flipkens or elke as they are young and have a lot to offer. imo at their best they are both better players than maes and the other girl.

Nov 9th, 2003, 01:58 PM
Do you think Flipkens will get a chance to play singles? I think it would be a good decision. Els should obviously play singles and doubles, but Maes realistically would lose in singles to any of the U.S. squad, so you might as well give someone who's done so well on the junior circuit a chance. Ditto Elke should be given a chance to play doubles on the same reasoning.

E. Blackadder
Nov 9th, 2003, 02:22 PM
Let's cheer for our team:


Make it a nice thread ;)