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Sep 17th, 2003, 09:42 PM
I have always found PC's the most awkaward of things, always some problem...

Anyway I could do with help for this one...

Maybe 25% of the time lately when the dial up screen comes up it say something like it can't connect becuase of RAS error 633...

I spoke to our provider who said something about some program running that souldn't be or something...and told me to click Ctrl, delete and alt so I could see what was running.

I did this but of course that meant little to me when the info came up...I don't know what Im loking for, what Im expecting the problem to be, what is unuusal or usual...what program might be causing the problem.

Any help much apppreciated. :)

Sep 17th, 2003, 09:51 PM
is it a "close program" dialog box? if so, tell me what programs are listed inside.

Sep 17th, 2003, 10:56 PM
Error 633 means that either the modem is in use or inaccessible. If it's inaccessible there's not much you can do except try again. If it's in use it means that either you're already dialed-up to your ISP, or some other program is trying to use the modem. This other program might want to connect to the internet briefly to check for an updated version of itself, or download some new bits & bobs, or just generally be a pain in the ass. This is the program you're looking for when you press Ctrl-Alt-Del. However, it's unlikely that this program would be going about its modem-dialling business without you noticing.

It's more likely that there is some problem with the dialer program you are using to communicate with your modem. What you could do is try using an alternative freeware dialer instead of the bog-standard Windows Dial-Up Networking thingy. There are some listed at this page:


I've never used any of these but if you feel like downloading one and giving it a whirl, you might just find yourself waving goodbye to those 633's. The worst that could happen is that it has no effect on the problem, in which case you can just get rid of the new dialer program and cross that off your list of potential causes.

Hope I haven't been too long-winded!

Martian Willow
Sep 17th, 2003, 11:12 PM
...I don't think it's likely that a (benign) program would connect to the internet without you knowing...but one way of finding out would be to install a free firewall like ZoneAlarm...which will tell you exactly what is, or is trying to, connect to the internet...and let you block anything that shouldn't be...do you have an up to date virus checker...?...and trojan remover, preferably...

...you might consider reinstalling your modem too...possibly with updated drivers...


Sep 18th, 2003, 02:13 PM
Thanks for the replies. :)

Basically the only new programs and stuff put on in recent weeks werea couple of programs to do with a Cybikio, a little mini-computer thing...the progroms allow you to dowload, games or applications from the web...I did notice that when turning on the PC little pop=ups woudl come up in the bottom right hand corner asking if I wanted to check lastest updates etc...

Ive uninstalled these programs...maybe that was the problem, maybe not...

Im hoping that a full check with Norton anti-virus program would have picked up any virus problems? I ran the check this morning and it came up clear...