View Full Version : Anyone knows where you can travel as a quest worker or backpacker!!!!

Sep 15th, 2003, 10:50 AM
I 18 years... Since Im every young, I would like to see the world, before I it reget. Living in Denmark makes me feel sad and NOT free like a brid... I like to be free and see the world. See things, makes new friends, see new kulture, and just see the world...
I was thinking of backpacking to like Australia, China, Italien and so on..
I would like to work in that crountry, that I might travel in so I can eran som money, and still see new things and kulture

It just that I dont know where to start!!!! :sad:

Can you help.... just Anything... That would be a help... :)

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Sep 15th, 2003, 11:23 AM
if you're a hardworking person, not afraid of challenges, you can get jobs like bartending, waiter etc all over the world. lots of my friends have travelled in Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia etc) and Australia and just worked while travelling. they didn't do it coz of the money, but it was an excellent way to get to know the native ppl, to know their culture etc.
but they were older than you.. and they all had work eperiences in that department before. and they were either bi- or multilingual.

Hvor i Danmark bor du da, siden du ikke føler deg Fri som fuglen? ;)

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Sep 15th, 2003, 10:54 PM
:wavey: Doan

thanks for the PM - just wanted to say Good luck!!! wish you all the best!
and btw, i'm envious of you ;)