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Sep 13th, 2003, 01:08 AM
MADRID, Spain - Capitalizing on his role as one of the world's most famous and marketable athletes, David Beckham unveiled his autobiography "My Side" on Friday, describing it as "a nice story, from my heart."

I've got so many fans from around the world, from young children, boys and girls, to nans and grandads. I think people just like reading a nice story," Beckham said at the swanky Ritz hotel in the Spanish capital.

Sitting in front of a backdrop featuring the front cover's close-up photo together with the title in 11 languages, Beckham said "everything here is the truth and people will like reading it".

Beckham, who left Manchester United for Madrid in June, will reportedly earn $2.4 million from the book.

Publishing director Michael Doggart of Collins Willow, the sports wing of HarperCollins Publishing, said the first printing of Beckham's book was over one million copies worldwide.

"This is a rare occurrence in our industry and a truly international event," he added.

Ghostwritten by British author and broadcaster Tom Watts, the 391-page autobiography has been produced in collaboration with 12 overseas publishers, Doggart said.

The English-language edition went on sale in Britain and 50 other countries on Friday. The U.S. edition will be released on Sept. 25.

Doggart said that the deal was signed after the World Cup last year and the book was completed at the time of Beckham's move to Madrid.

He added that he had never imagined that the book would not be launched in Manchester.

"I know that David didn't either," Doggart said.

The autobiography includes details of Beckham's romance with his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria, and his stormy relationship with United coach, Alex Ferguson.

"Once you read the book you'll see that there's a lot more positive stuff in there about him (Ferguson) than there is negative. Headlines can be misleading," Beckham said.

"I spent 15 years under him and he gave me the chance to be the kind of person I am today. It happens in all jobs. I've left the club now and the club will move on and so will David Beckham," he said.


Sep 13th, 2003, 01:14 AM
MADRID (AFP) - England and Real Madrid star David Beckham unveiled his autobiography, "My Side," in Madrid and said the work was a response to the intense scrutiny of his every move by the media.

The book charts the player's career from his early days with Manchester United to his summer signing for Real.

The Ritz Hotel was the scene of an entrance worthy of a Hollywood star as Beckham came in flanked by security personnel and bodyguards prior to a video presentation of highlights of his career.

Beckham's publishers HarperCollins said the book would be translated over the next few months into several other languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German and French.

The publishing house forecasts My Side could sell up to a million copies worldwide and become a blockbuster success.

Beckham said his parents had been the mainstay of his personal and professional success despite their divorce which he described as "the only part (of his life) that I had no control of."

Beckham goes into detail in the book about key events in his graduation from hopeful apprentice to country-wide hate figure following his sending-off against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup for a petulant kick at Diego Simeone and his later elevation to global superstar.

It also deals with his take on his spat with Alex Ferguson, who groomed him from a young teenager at United but who criticised his glamorous lifestyle and who last year accidentally caught the star in the face after angrily kicking out at a stray boot during a dressing room argument.

Beckham said that there were "more positive than negative" aspects of his relationship with the strict disciplinarian Ferguson.

Beckham's marriage to former Spice Girl singer Victoria Beckham has only increased the intensity of the spotlight's glare so Beckham said the book was a good way to give a response.

"I am actually being scrutinized anyway, so this is my chance to put my point across," he explained.

And he added the scrutiny was not something that makes him uncomfortable.

"It's flattering that people are so interested in me and in my life," he stressed.

Beckham has dedicated the book to his wife and sons Brooklyn and Romeo.

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What does "ghostwritten" mean? Does it mean he gave the author the ideas and the author wrote the book for him?