View Full Version : Posting photos - copyright rules?

Aug 24th, 2003, 12:04 AM
Can someone please clarify exactly what the rules are about using the IMG function to post pictures into forums.

As I understand it, it is still OK to do this for photos available for general consumption from any website, but copyrighted photos (eg those at Advantage Tennis) cannot be posted unless with permission. Only urls can be used to point back to the website. Is this right?

But what about using copyrighted photos found on another website ie, not the originating website? One would presume that the web-owner has permission to use someone elses copyrighted pics, and therefore, if it is OK to copy any pics from a public domain, would this also be OK to post them on our forums?

Aug 24th, 2003, 12:04 PM
Anyhow, Admins, the use of attachments instead of the actual photos has never been specifically encouraged even AFTER the ugly row that led to the loss of the avatars and the photo forum. IMO the "insert image" tag should be disabled BEFORE a well-meaning poster causes you folks more grief on this.

JR, you sound as though you are advocating that the IMG function should be disabled which I am not, as I believe it still can be used responsibly, which is certainly the case on The Cocktail Party (which incidentally is now the biggest forum on wtaworld outside of the general messageboard).

That is not to say that every member on wtaworld behaves responsibly but I am hopeful that given the appropriate guidelines to follow, the vast majority should be able to continue to use the 'insert image' function without upsetting those who have copyrighted photos. Using the attatchment option is not always the most favoured as this means saving photos topersonal hard drives which may not always be a favoured option, however, another option is to post the url to the website where the photo is or to the photo itself.

If admin could kindly give us some simple guidelines as to what is and isn't allowed , then I'm sure we can all benefit from this as I am firmly of the belief that inserting images into threads is a positive to the aesthetics of our forums.

Martian Willow
Aug 24th, 2003, 12:21 PM
Using attachments instead of tags doesn't make any difference from the copyright point of view. The only people who have objected to their photos being posted here (as far as I'm aware) were commercial photo sites that were selling the pictures on their pages. You can't post pics fom them anymore because the url is blocked. :)