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Aug 23rd, 2003, 10:50 PM
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From: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/28/32478.html

Anna K sends Amazon CEO into shock
By Ashlee Vance in Chicago
Posted: 22/08/2003 at 21:02 GMT

Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos appeared to enter "sexpot shock" while joining tennis star Anna Kournikova for the Friday opening of the NASDAQ exchange.

Mouth wide-open and almost cross-eyed, Bezos looked like a teenage boy making his first journey into the raunchy section of a movie store. Bezos and Anna were teaming up to promote the ďAnna Kournikova Multiway Sports Bra." The product, designed by Shock Absorber, will be sold to U.S. customers via Amazon.com only.

Who could blame Bezos for his excitement? Anna may struggle on the tennis court but her form in front of the camera is beyond compare.

She may not need too many of the sports bras, however. Rumor has it Anna is going to hang up her racket due to lingering injuries. She has yet to win a tournament on the pro-tour.

Still, Amazon can't go wrong backing Anna in the bra trade. She attracts more than her fair share of attention for just about everything the Russian promotes.

Bezos held his composure well throughout the rest of the NASDAQ proceedings.

what does the "multiway" in the name of the bra represent? The different ways you could take it off Anna K's body? :okay, I will leave now, where is my coat?: :o

Aug 23rd, 2003, 11:14 PM

Thatphoto is so funny!

Aug 23rd, 2003, 11:57 PM
anna :)

auntie janie
Aug 24th, 2003, 01:40 AM
LOL, this is a very accurate portrayal, I saw some pics and he really did look like he might almost pass out from excitement! When he saw those pics later he must have almost passed out again from embarrassment! :D:D:D:D:D

Aug 24th, 2003, 01:42 AM
i dont get what is so funny about any of this....help me out please LOL

auntie janie
Aug 24th, 2003, 01:45 AM
Hi monicAnna! It's just that this hugely successful billionaire businessman was acting like an overwrought teenage finally meeting the idol actress of his wet dreams. You have to go look at the pics to see why it seems so funny. His eyes are about to pop right out of his poor addled head! :lol:

Aug 24th, 2003, 12:06 PM
OMG-he looks as though she has just suggested she might display the goods to be sold..... :eek:

Pornikova strikes again!

Aug 24th, 2003, 01:41 PM
What would be REALLY embarrassing for this book industry baron would have been if ANNE K sent him into shock with some of her Stanford vocabulary! :eek:

Aug 24th, 2003, 03:35 PM