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Aug 23rd, 2003, 03:05 AM
Requirements: please don't predict way into the draw (maybe one round ahead). That way we don't overlook potential first round thrillers;) . Here goes:

Ashley Harkleroad vs. Vera Douchevina--power vs. speed, and both are young, and both, well no only one, is hot;) . I think Vera will start off well but then Ashley's determination and constant retrieving with cause the Russain to unwind.
Prediction: HARKLEROAD 2-6; 7-5; 6-3

Meghan Shaughnessy vs. Karolina Sprem--two hard hitters, one up and coming, one trying to go even higher up the rankings. Though Meg will have the crowd behind her, I think K-Lina is winning this won.
Prediction: SPREM 6-3; 3-6; 6-3

Daniela Hantuchova vs. Marion Bartoli--The drama. Can Hantuchova actually win a match?:p
Prediction: No

Maria Sharapova vs. Virginia Ruano-Pasqual--another power vs. speed matchup. However, Masha I think has a higher level of confidence than Vera, so I am giving her a much bigger chance to win. Though it would do wonders for her career to win this in three, this match will be two sets no matter who wins. If Masha plays well and handles the spins and speed of Vivi, she will win easily. If she shows immaturity, she will unwind easily.
Prediction: I am a Masha fan so SHARAPOVA 6-3; 6-1

Alexandra Stevenson vs. Emile Loit--Once again the drama of "Can Alex win a match"?
Prediction: No again. Loit 6-0; 5-0; 40-0 ret.:p

Aug 23rd, 2003, 03:14 AM
i like the matches you mentioned. i heard that ashley's arm isn't to good so i think i'll go with douchevina for the win (i'm biased i want her to win)

shaughnessy and sprem what a great match. if sprem is playing well i think she'll beat shaugnessy. i think it is on sprems racquet however if she isn't playing well she'll get slaughtered.

hantuchova's is playing badly, bartoli has had an alright year but she just lost to irvin 6-1 6-2 or something like that in qualifying, she also has 3rd points to defend here. hantuchova beat barrtoli at wimbledon from memory so i think she'll get through this.

next match i'll go with sharapova for the win in straight sets but not as convincingly as you think (but i hope so)

stevenson vs. loit. alex has been injured and has had a terrible year so loit will win this (unfortunately).

Aug 23rd, 2003, 03:17 AM
Dinara Safina RUS vs WC-Carly Gullickson USA

Carly will win surprisingly 5-7 7-5 6-1.

Mikey Baker
Aug 23rd, 2003, 03:23 AM
Dinara Safina RUS vs WC-Carly Gullickson USA

Carly will win surprisingly 5-7 7-5 6-1.
Go Dinara. She's worth points.

Aug 23rd, 2003, 03:39 AM
Ashley Harkleroad vs. Vera Douchevina -- Ashley hasn't played much, and lost pretty easily in New Haven. Vera played very well ...on clay.. in Finland. The crowd will definately be behind Ashley.
Prediction: HARKLEROAD 7.5 2.6 6.2

Meghan Shaughnessy vs. Karolina Sprem -- Karolina hits harder, runs faster, serves more consistently... Meghann has all the experience and has 3 times been in the 3rd round here. Tough one - I expect a few points to decide this. Both are very fit and can handle long 3 setters.
Prediction: SPREM 7.5 3.6 6.4

Petra Mandula vs. Cara Black -- Black had food poisoning in New Haven, yet still DEMOLISHED Hantuchova. Mandula was injured in Finland and had to withdraw from her quarterfinal match. Both should be healthy here and this could be a tricky little match that I'm sure will be completely overlooked.
Prediction: MANDULA 7.5 6.3 7.6

Lubomira Kurhajcova vs. Vera Zvonareva -- How cranky will Kurhajcova make Vera oncourt? Not very.
Prediction: ZVONAREVA 6.2 6.1

Daniela Hantuchova vs. Marion Bartoli -- Daniela has got to wake up from this nightmare season sometime.....
Prediction: HANTUCHOVA 6.4 6.4

Maria Sharapova vs. Virginia Ruano-Pascual -- How loud will she grunt?
Prediction: SHARAPOVA 7.5 6.3

Alexandra Stevenson vs. Emile Loit -- Even I can't think the Rocket Woman will EVER win a match again.
Prediction: LOIT 6.2 4.6 6.2

Aug 23rd, 2003, 03:53 AM
OMG Seles doesn't want to see our Carly. :sad:

Aug 23rd, 2003, 04:02 AM
I want to see Amelie vs Angie !!