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Aug 21st, 2003, 02:06 AM
Unfortunately I won't be able to come out to qualifying the rest of the week as I have a tournament to play tomorrow. I'll be there the first couple of days of the main draw though. Enjoy...:)

Aniko Kapros d. Jamea Jackson 6-1 6-1
Performance of the day from Aniko. She seems to have backtracked a bit on her serve (she places her first serve well, but her second is embarrassing). In fact, I was sitting next to this girl who couldnt have been older than 10 who told her mother she could play with Aniko. When her mother laughed and said to look at Anikos groundstrokes, the little girl quizzically eyed her mother and said "But her serve is a lot like mine isn't it?" :lol: I couldnt help but laugh at that one. Jamea is a young "up and comer" (at least thats what the USTA thinks), but she looked wayyyyyy out of her element today. It wouldn't have mattered much anyway if she wasnt because Aniko was on fire. After getting broken the first game, Aniko ripped through 11 straight games to go up 6-1 5-0. Any angle she tried to hit, any line she went for, any drop shot or passing shot, she nailed it time and time again. Even Aniko gave off the impression she was a bit shocked with herself. Poor Jamea. By the end of the match she just stood there laughing and giggling as groundstroke winners zipped right by her. To her credit though, Jamea fought off two match points on Anikos serve to give herself a game point for the first time since the opening game. Once that happened, a mini cheering clap went through the crowd to try and get her going. When Jamea got on board with a very well constructed point, she got her biggest applause of the day. She may have salvaged some pride, but not much else as it was simply a mere inconvenience for Aniko. She quickly ended the match with a crosscourt winner on the dead run and gave off a huge smile. Kapros was clearly elated after this one and even high fived a girl asking for an autograph lol. She happily posed for pictures (including one with me) and signed autographs for about 15 minutes. Mark my words: If Aniko plays like this the rest of the tournament, she could make it to the 4th round, maybe the quarters if the seeds collapse in her portion. She's playing that well now.

Lenka Nemeckova d. Tara Snyder 6-3 7-6
Sad day for Tara Snyder. However, Tara was actually CALM and didnt have a single outburst the entire match!!! I was in shock. Why do you think I went to watch it in the first place? ;) Lenka just kinda gets every ball back and thats it. Her first serve is just something she puts in there to start a point and not blow anyone anyway. Tara is not hitting the ball as hard as I remember last time. It was just awful though because its gotten to the point where Tara can't even break Lenka Nemckova. She cant break somebody who has a first serve in the low 80s. There were a lot of long 25+ stroke rallies in this match and Tara was getting very winded by the end. Lenka on the other hand looked as if she could play another 2 or 3 sets. Tara went down 6-3 5-3 before finally breaking Lenka at 5-4 to level the match at 5 a piece. Tara held again and then had 2 set points on Lenkas serve. Nemeckova fought them off beautifully with a drop shot winner and a backhand that forced Tara to push one wide. They went to a tiebreak and Nemeckova ultimately snagged it 7-5

Maria Genzege d. Melien Tu 7-6 6-7 6-4
I only saw the final set, but Melien would have won it if it werent for her cramping. The match went over 3 hrs apparently and with Melien up 3-1 in the third, she began to cramp very badly. She could barely run and was grimacing in pain after every point. On top of being treated for cramps, she had an ice pack under each elbow and an ice pack on her left shoulder lol. Poor kid. Melien managed to go up 4-2, but now it was becoming unbearable. Maria was being incredibly vicious and taking a lot of pace off her shots, but moving them side to side and front to back in an attempt to make Melien suffer as much pain as possible. Smart move, I would have done it too. Tu went down 5-4 and the cramps now went into her hands. I've had this before and trust me folks, it's not fun. Tu's finger on her right hand bent forward on its own due to the cramping and when she tried to bend it back up...nothing doing. She couldnt even grip the racquet. At this point, Tu began to sob in pain and tried to massage out the cramp in her finger. Down 0-30 and just barely able to grip the racket, Melien tossed in an underhand serve and almost won the point, but hit a backhand long. She tossed in another underhand serve down match point, but missed that one and the second underhand serve to give Maria what was a very brutal match to watch (and I'm sure be part of.

Gisela Dulko d. Lucie Ahl 6-2 5-7 6-2
For some reason, I expected Lucie to be a serve and volleyer with a one handed backhand (then again I think that about all the Brits lol), but shes a standard baseliner. She's got solid shots, but her forehand could tend to fly off at times. She's also quite a character out there, always swearing at herself (and sometimes the ballkids lol but I'll get into that later). The first set she was visibly nervous and tentative, possibly because she was thinking about this being her last match. In the second she got it together, with some big forehand and lovely serves out wide. She went up 5-2 in the second but began to slap at her forehand. "AAHHH YOU FUCKIN MUPPET! HIT THE BALL!" she yelled at her serve as she went down 5-3. After losing her serve, she glared at a ballkid and said "Don't fuckin play around with the ball during points, OK? Do your job." The kid couldnt have been older than 12! :o "WHAT IS THIS SHIT?!" she cried out as Dulko finally found the range on her serve and forehand to level the match at 5-5. At 15-15, Ahl swung on a volley and hit out way long before labeling herself a psycho and getting rid of her headcase shenanigans and holding serve. Four straight Dulko backhands in the net gave Ahl the second set, but Lucie still never really got going out there. Dulko on the other hand played a great third set, cranking some massive forehands and making good on her few trips to the net. Two poor service games from Ahl sent her career off with a 6-2 5-7 6-2 loss. I wished Lucie good luck after tennis and she said "Thanks a lot mate, cheers," before going to watch Selima Sfar play.

Maureen Drake d. Svetlana Krivencheva 7-5 6-4
Maureen is such a huge bitch out on court..and I love it! ;) She yells, smacks her racket, yells at ballkids, at refs..its all entertainment. I only saw the second and Maureen went up 4-0, blew that lead to level at 4-4 (and in the process smashed her racket a handful of times). At 4-4, she blew an easy volley and nailed the ball way over the fence to at least three courts over to recieve what certainly isnt her first (and definitely not her last) code violation. She got going after that, hitting some nice groundies to hold serve and then go up 5-4 40-0, but blew it with three careless errors. Mo was disgusted with herself, and even when she won she shook her head and rolled her eyes as she walked up.

Aug 21st, 2003, 02:46 AM
Thanks again Bradshaw (I loved your day 1 report too), you're reports are very entertaining and informative! Well done! :)

Maureen :worship: :D

Aug 21st, 2003, 03:25 AM
Just a few little things I forgot to mention...

Best Maureen quote EVER (it even beats the "shits and giggles" one she had last year. Maureen looked awfully relieved to get through and a fan said something like "how does it feel to get past that one?" Maureen just looked at her and said "Better than sex." :eek: :lol:

After the match, I asked Krivencheva about her match against Nancy Loeffler Caro in Canada 2 weeks ago. Svetlana actually smiled a bit when I mentioned her name and said "Well you have to focus on the match, not on the person. She was just trying out there, doing what she could. That's all you can ask for."

Aug 21st, 2003, 10:39 AM
thanks for the report. Great as always.

Aug 21st, 2003, 11:25 AM
good reports, thank you for them.

Aug 21st, 2003, 12:04 PM
oh i love maureen drake!!! she's like so cool :hearts:

Aug 21st, 2003, 12:11 PM
thanks again, such an entertaining read. :wavey:

Aug 21st, 2003, 03:19 PM
oh i love maureen drake!!! she's like so cool :hearts:

UGH!!! I can't STAND her! :fiery:

King Aaron
Aug 21st, 2003, 04:40 PM
Thanks. :D

Aug 21st, 2003, 06:08 PM
hi bradshaw#1 :) thansk for watching Lucie's macth, she is alot of fun to watch. I got an e-mail from her a few hours ago and she said that she played pretty well, and that if she had taken a few more of her break points then it could have been different. She also said that she really enjoyed she really enjoyed playing, and that's it one of teh few losses she's suffered and still had fun.

She said it means alot to know she has support out there, it keeps you motivated through teh abd times I guess, so I'm sure her thanks to me can be given to you as well :)

Martian KC
Aug 22nd, 2003, 12:36 AM
Krivencheva sounds like a sweet girl.:)

Aug 22nd, 2003, 03:15 AM
Mo. :D She's so funny, and she has a top 75 game when she doesn't forget it on the plane. :rolleyes: Thanks Bradshaw#1, was this your last day like the "final farewell" suggested? :sad:

Aug 22nd, 2003, 03:47 AM
Mo. :D She's so funny, and she has a top 75 game when she doesn't forget it on the plane. :rolleyes: Thanks Bradshaw#1, was this your last day like the "final farewell" suggested? :sad:

Nope the "final farewell" part was for Lucie. I'll be going next Monday and Tuesday (and I have killer seats for once due to some "connections") so I'll be able to watch matches in Arthur Ashe without binoculars ;) I'll prob be out on the outer courts though, as usual.

Aug 22nd, 2003, 02:25 PM
Thanks for the report, Bradshaw#1. And good riddance to Lucie Ahl. For someone who spent most of her career picking up her own balls in matches, that's a terrible way to treat the ballkids.

Aug 22nd, 2003, 05:28 PM
Jem if you knew teh circumstances she was quite right to go a bit mental. Its quite distarcting when the ball kid starts bouncing the ball up and down while kneeling at the net.

She's playing to earn enough money to eat and afford a hotel. She had to go straight to the airport and get the cheapest flight she could which involves 3 transfers.

Plus, in the heat of the moment, at a tense point in teh match of course tempers are gonna fray.

Aug 23rd, 2003, 09:43 AM
Thanks for the great report :D