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Ian S
Aug 18th, 2003, 06:34 PM
Forgive me if I am covering old ground here but does anyone have any inside track as to the improvement Lina has shown this year? I posted on the old messageboard regarding seeing her beat Natalie Dechy at Edgbaston a few years ago and thinking I had just watched a potential top ten player. Not such a long time later her career had nose-dived to such an extent that she looked in grave danger of fading away in a similar way to Mirjana Lucic. Something drastic has obviously happened to produce such a turnaround.

It was obviously great to see her make a final but a little disappointing that she could not challenge Justine. Why do we think this was? Tiredness? Injury? Or was the occasion just too much? Only in the third game of the second set did she manage to raise her game and for those few moments there was nothing between the players. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the final was the concession of 11 aces and for whatever reason Lina's inability at times to chase balls down. One of the many impressive parts of Justine's game is her ability to force players to hit the lines as she hardly ever concedes an 'easy' point. Despite the score hopefully Lina will learn from the defeat and that top ten position may eventually become a reality.

Aug 18th, 2003, 06:48 PM
1) Krasnouroutskaya was playing the best non-injured player in the world, as least as far as current form goes.

2) Henin-Hardenne excels against both baseline power w/o variety, and all court play w/o power. She's extremely good at finding out what she's doing better than you that day, and forcing you to play that game.

To beat her, you have to match everything she does, AND do something better. Obviously, this is a limited subset of the tour.