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Aug 4th, 2003, 07:43 PM
Arrived just after 11.00 and headed to Court 1 to watch Sandra Kleinova outpower Hanna Nooni, just too good on all parts so have to say that is pretty fair scoreline. Same time Meusenburger was giving Kuti-Kis tough time, but collapsed completely in the 2nd. And looked like Marrero was playing 100%, Hlavachkova was good, no worry for Marta fans, I think she played ok.

Tried to watch all of 2nd matches at same time
Sitting on upper part of Center Court one can see two outside courts too.

Mainly watched Cervanova - Barna, after 1st game I was pretty sure of winner. And was right, Ludmila surprised me completely. She is good. Well much better than her last years outing anyway (got 3 games then and looked awfull then) Anca well kinda disappointing, she can play better.

Same time with that Kostanic - Marosi, didnīt get good picture of that, Katalin had some injury that effected her but donīt think she had won even if fully fit. And doubs where Tatarkova/Koulikovskaja were too strong for Dittman/Ejesson. Mireille only threw her racket about three times...

Then again tough choice. Watched Douchevina - Benesova for some time, poor Iveta lacks confidence and makes terrible amount of UEs :(
Vera, well 1st time I saw her and didnīt look world beater, yet that is. When she learns better 2nd serve and gets better movement sheīll be a good player. Hits it very hard allready. She is here with her mother (who is also her coach, I think)

Petra/Patricia were playing their 1st match so had to rush in there. Now is there something wrong with them. They hardly watched each other :eek: Just a bad day maybe ? Fighting from set and double break down to win is good anyway. Down 2/5 in the 2nd I was quite sure that was that. Petra looked like she wasnīt interested at all. Moments before that she had gotten a warning for racket abuse :( Not that it was that bad. Just little bounce to the ground but it took misbounce and nearly hit ballgirl. Clarisa at that moment desided to serve badly (wasnīt serving very well but that was rockbottom) and combined making UEs so that PM/PW had only to get ball over and point was theirs.

At set all 2/3 40/30 on Patricia serve, not sure what happened but she went badly down. Looked liked match was over as she was clearly in big pain. Trainer rushed to there (well it took at least 30 seconds) and looked like she had twisted her left ankle, like really badly. :(
When talking to her and trying that bones are in place (I guess), she did get up and received full medical timeout. Looked ok after that but those can get nasty. (And the team was more team than it was after that) So I hope she can still play. She is a figher so sure she can :worship:

Have to add that Clarisa - Marie Jose just lacked that little bit of doubles experience, Petra/Patricia were very vulnerable today.

Didnīt see much of Bondarenkos vs. DellīAngelo/Henke can only comment that Valeria was weakest link of the match.

Then another tough choise. Sprem - Torrens Valero or Perebiynis/Talaja doubles match. Decided to position myself that could watch both but for some reason did look more of K-linas show. Poor Christina, she wasnīt playing well but when every second or third shot goes by it must be really frustrating. Can predict bright future for Sprem, she has it all, need little more patience and experience. Not that neither of those showed that much, she hit it 100% all the time and more than often just one of those was enough to win a point. Looking forward of seeing more of her.

Tatiana ,looked to be very close with her boyfriend, she is shining and very happy person at the moment. :bounce:
Looked to be serving and hitting well and bits that I saw was motor of the team. Good pair with Silvija, laughing and having fun all time. Even when practising. :D

Then final of the day. Gala got a good start but was outplayed most of the time. Fair scoreline and Iīll be surprised if Vera beat Chladkova in the 2nd round.

Weather better than I thought. 27C dropping to about 22C in the last match. There were huge rain clouds around us but none of them got to interrupt play. Crowd about 200 :rolleyes: tomorrow should be over 1.000

Aug 4th, 2003, 08:31 PM
thank you! great report!!!!

Aug 4th, 2003, 08:39 PM
thanx korben :)

Vera's mother isn't her coach, good to know she's there.
you seen anyone else with Vera ??

Also clay is Vera's least fav surface.
did she come into net at all ??

Aug 4th, 2003, 08:51 PM
thanx korben :)

Vera's mother isn't her coach, good to know she's there.
you seen anyone else with Vera ??

Also clay is Vera's least fav surface.
did she come into net at all ??

No she didnīt come to net at all afik (only when drop shotted naturally, didnīt get to many of those), in one match she parked next to me with her mother (not even sure but good guess, who else that could have been ?) so I thought (as a russian...) she is her coach too. Didnīt see others with them at that moment. Thx for clarification :wavey:

Aug 4th, 2003, 09:01 PM
Korben, from all the players you went to watch, who gave you the best impression.

Aug 4th, 2003, 09:06 PM
Korben, from all the players you went to watch, who gave you the best impression.

Of MD matches, Sprem. But she didnīt have to do much.
Chladkova was good too. And canīt say there was much wrong with Cervanova or Douchevina either.

Aug 4th, 2003, 10:14 PM
Excellent report!!

So, Clarisa still need to improve her serve! I donīt know what theyīre waiting for, she and Lerda (her coach).

Please make another excellent report if you go again!

Aug 4th, 2003, 10:16 PM
thanks :)

Aug 5th, 2003, 10:15 AM
Hey Korben!!

thanks so much for this great report!! it was really good!

When you saw Cristina Torrens, did she look injured?? was it bad luck or was she just playing poorly???

keep up the great report!!

Vamos Cristina Torrens Valero

Aug 5th, 2003, 10:25 PM
Sprem played major tennis. She was only too strong yesterday. IMO she can do very well this week.

Vera-Iveta impressed me most. IMO it was maybe the best match I saw during these days at NLO.