View Full Version : Alicia To Play At The JPMorgan Chase Open

Aug 3rd, 2003, 04:11 PM
Goodluck to her

Molik Vs Suarez 1st round

With bovina in 2nd round becasue Bovina Has 1st round bye

and possibly a 3rd round with Davenport

:yeah: Goodluck to Alicia!! get some points girl :yeah:

Aug 4th, 2003, 03:27 AM
1st round is hard against suarez but alicia has a good chance. and then bovina who ahsn't had a good season but looks to be picking things up. i think alicia has a chance in both of these matches but they will be very tough matches.

Aug 4th, 2003, 05:19 AM
i like alicias chances at this tourney. I think she will beat suarez (probably in 3) and then it would be a very interesting match against bovina.

good luck ALICIA :D

Aug 4th, 2003, 07:57 AM
Good luck Alicia, I don't want to jinx her by making any predictions this week :)

Aug 4th, 2003, 09:19 AM
Goodluck to Her and i hope she plays doubles shes really good in doubles :D

Aug 4th, 2003, 10:49 AM
Nooooooooooo :sad:

Molik lost 1st round quallie dubs :sad:

WC 403 Frazier/Schmidt Def 108 Molik/Grande 9-7 :o

In other News Nicole Pratt has qualliefied for the main draw defeating Lindsay Lee Waters 6-4 6-4

and also on Nicole she was in the quallie dubs to and her and Magui Serna are in the final round of quallifying dubs winning there 1st round 8-6 Defeating Schiavone/washington and versin Molik/grande conqueros Schmidt Fraizer