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Jul 31st, 2003, 05:54 PM
Bonjour, all of you out there!! :D welcome to my Air France Experience discussion :lol:

I was travelling from Jakarta to Singapore and i flew on Air France a couple of days ago.... I had to really rush upon the arrival at the airport coz I was just about to miss my plane when they closed the check-in counters but after some talking with the dickhead groundstaff they let me in and I had a bitchtalk with them coz they didn't let me check-in all my luggage... so that already made me pissed off and I had to hand carry my baggage which contained my clothes.... I had to stick my tennis racket in my other bag as well and freaking hand carry that too... :mad: so to speak, I was rushing and made my way toward the waiting gate and found myself to be the last passenger and the only person to be in the waiting gate... lol... there was another passenger who went in too so it was not too bad but she was behind me after i passed her to quickly go in the plane....

as i entered, everyone was already seated and I could barely say or express anything coz everyone was kinda staring at me and I guess half of them were french... i don't know what french people are like coz that was my first time being 'together' with them... so anyways i went down the aisle and discovered that my seat was right at the back of the plane when, along the way, i met this freaking stewardess and a little girl who were blocking my way.... the stewardess was squatting down and the girl stood up along the way while they were both talking to a passenger at the aisle... I just didn't really know or kind of figured out how I would make my way through because they didn't notice me approaching them... So I just stood behind them and said ''excuse me''... still, the stewardess ignored me and kept talking with that passenger at the aisle.... She went on talking for a while until she kinda realised I was already there waiting for her ass to move.... In my mind I was like move it you french bitch... she had like no fucking manners and instead moved to one side with the kid and left with with like half a meter of space for me to go through.... I'm just like what the fuck..... how am I and the other pieces of my luggage are supposed to get through that???? and I just went like ''i'm sorry but I think I can't possibly pass through that''.... and she just freaking kept quiet and gave me some crappy smile that really put me off that I was really disgusted with her attitude... So I kind of had to force my way through between that little space and obviously my luggage was caught in between and only then did she realise that there wasn't enough space for me... She had to move the kid aside to her back so there was still ''more'' space for me :rolleyes: what a french bitch!!!!! I'm just like you know, great it's my first time flying air france and this bitch just spoiled my evening before I could even get to my seat... ughhhhhh fuck her.....

on the bright side though, the french stewards were so friendly and hot :D which is what I loved most and I was really hoping for a sweet rendezvous with one of them :lol: As I was sitting right at the back, I could hear the cute guys chuckling with each other and cracking french jokes, which i obviously didn't understand :) but it was so exciting and cute to hear them speak the beautiful language... wahey, the good side of france: guys and their language.... Along the journey, I was reading 'out' magazines and other gay lifestyle magazines too and this cute steward came beside me and asked if I wanted some tea :lick: apparently he knew what i was looking at and for some reason he was being kind to me and really served me nicely :D well i ended up not having the tea though.... the other french stewards were so nice as well lol... I mean they just sound so cute when they speak english hehehe... It was like a dejavu experience with these hot guys :) ohh mannnn i just couldn't stop thinking of them while i was on the plane lol although I sometimes did lose my focus on them to read the magazines ;) My gay dar was working quite well and I think I sensed that most of them are gays( including the one who served me:) ), observing from the way they act or response.... i always have thought that flight attendents are decent looking at least and wahey i came across these hot hot hot guys!!! :drool:

I hope these kind of experiences will come by more in the future but I so hope that that fucking french bitch will just stay away from me :rolleyes:

Btw, upon my arrival at the airport, I was told to step out after the passengers passed through the thermal scanner, which is used to detect fever in relation to SARS.... it turned out that my body was a bit warm and my temperature had to be taken, resulting 37 degrees celcius... they told me I was a bit feverish but I was free to go after that... they had some of my important personal details just for the record in the filing...

okayy so till here then... my french experience which is sort of bizzare.... hehehhe... oh well :)

any sort of response is certainly welcomed and appreciated:)

Merci !!!!!!

Jul 31st, 2003, 06:44 PM
I took Air France on my way to Italy last year. My sister and I were flying from Atlanta, Georgia to Paris, France, so we took Air France. This was August so the entire plane was completely packed! There was not any room to move or even breathe. Since this was a night flight, Anita and I tried to get some sleep but it was virtually impossible. To make matters worse, the airplane's air conditioning malfunctioned and the entire cabin became a sauna. All the passengers kept going into the back to get water. However, the flight attendants were very nice and I was thrilled to see Paris until we landed. When the pilot came in for a landing, the plane bounced off of one wheel and then the other. I thought, I am going to die right here in Paris. Fortunately, the pilot regained control of the plane and we taxied in.

That's my experience on Air France. One day I hope to fly them again--to Paris.

Jul 31st, 2003, 06:47 PM
I' m french, and I don' t really like " Air France ", it' s quite expensive, and the quality on the plane isn' t really " good " !!!!!

Jul 31st, 2003, 06:52 PM
I' m french, and I don' t really like " Air France ", it' s quite expensive, and the quality on the plane isn' t really " good " !!!!!
Can you testify about the quality of the stewards though Nicky? ;)

Jul 31st, 2003, 07:12 PM
Can you testify about the quality of the stewards though Nicky? ;)
Ahah, unfortunatly I can' t ;). I have to try " Canadian air lines " stewarts quality before ;) lol !!!!!

Jul 31st, 2003, 07:59 PM
You would not want to hear my experience with AF. Unless you had to spend a night at CDG you would not understand anyway. Just to mention that last two times I flew with them, my luggage didn't arrive with me. First time it was two days late. Second time -two weeks :eek:. But that was the week when they had a couple of kilograms of snow fell off the skies sp that completely disrupted the air traffi in whole country.

Jul 31st, 2003, 10:45 PM
Pah. People today expect some kind of luxury world when they travel on planes. Well I have news for you: planes have only one purpose - to get you from A to B - and if they succeed in that you should be satisfied. Every day I hear people saying "ooh, such-and-such an airline made me wait 2 hours" or "the knives and forks were made of plastic and totally unusable" or "I thought I was going to get sucked out into space when I flushed the toilet". Well, if you don't like it then you should take a boat or a train instead. It's plain to see that air travel is a hugely expensive mode of travel with a slim possibility of a terrifying and gory death, but this is no reason to expect airlines to provide you with some kind of spacious airborne palace with trained servants, gourmet food, limitless beverages and any other modern convenience you could want. As for luggage, well, don't get me started on luggage. Everyone has heard the horror stories of luggage going missing, so if you don't want to lose it, don't pack it. It's that simple! Keep your valuables on your person, in your hand luggage, or bury them in a crypt at the centre of the Earth where no-one will ever find them. And put your fucking Hawaiian shirts and suntan cream in your suitcase so that when it gets ripped open by the genius baggage handlers who managed to guess that your combination was 1-2-3 and sold on the black market, you can buy more. Jeezus Christ people, is it really that difficult to get on a plane and enjoy it these days?!?!?

Aug 1st, 2003, 02:21 AM
controlfreak, have you even read my story? lol... I mean it's ridiculous for that french bitch to stand in my fucking way with a child and still not refusing to let me have enough space to pass through... i had to literally squeeze!!!

Aug 2nd, 2003, 04:05 AM
Bonjour, i need more comments :p

Aug 3rd, 2003, 05:52 PM
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