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Jul 27th, 2003, 04:51 AM
From the new issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. :)

One Tough Mother

New mom Angelina Jolie lips off on Billy Bob, her father and feeling wild again

By Chris Heath

In every life, things change. When Angelina Jolie last appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, during the release of the first Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie in 2001, she lived in a Los Angeles house -- a dinosaur fountain prominent in its courtyard -- with her new husband, Billy Bob Thornton, and their pet rat Harry. They talked feverishly of how their wild, eternal love would outlast the forces against it and forever seemed on the verge of having sex with each other even as they spoke to you. Above the bed in which they slept and alongside which Harry would scuttle in his cage were the words, written in Jolie's blood, to the end of time. Two years later -- another Tomb Raider movie, another Rolling Stone cover - Jolie is a single mother who lives with her adopted Cambodian son, Maddox, alternating among homes in the English countryside, New York and a place under construction in the Cambodian jungle. Jolie mentions as an aside that she has not had sex for a year. Besides caring for Maddox and acting, she is deeply involved in her role as an ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Things change.
The rat was the first to go. Harry was sneaked across the border to Canada, where Jolie was filming Life or Something Like It in 2001, and lived with her in her Vancouver hotel room. Until one day Harry couldn't take it anymore. "He went insane," Jolie says. "He just ate the curtains. Masses of the curtains. When anybody eats a curtain," she concedes, "that's a clear sign there's a problem. I took him to doctors, and they said he was suffering from stress. They said I wasn't paying enough attention to him." For Harry and Jolie, it was the end of their shared road. "I didn't have the patience to sort out a rat's therapy," she says, "so I asked them if they knew someone who needed a rat, and he was adopted."

One day I am sitting in the lobby of the London hotel where Jolie is staying, when she sweeps in with her grinning son in her arms (Maddox will turn two on August 5th). They have been playing in the park. "We kind of explore the world together," she tells me. Already, in Maddox's short life, they have ridden camels in the Namibian desert and elephants in Cambodia and have swum in the seas off Greece.

For most of her life, Jolie, 28, had assumed that she would never be a mother. "Because I never felt very stable," she says. In movies, whenever Jolie needed to cry, all she had to do was extend her hand and imagine a child taking hold of it. Then the tears would come. "I was always sure that I'd never know that feeling," she says. "I was never sure I was going to live very long when I was younger." Jolie did always know that if she were to have a child, it would be adopted. She says her mother remembers her first talking about it as a young girl. "It had a profound effect on me," Jolie says.

Jolie had been to Cambodia twice before -- the first time to film the original Tomb Raider and the second as part of her UNHCR work -- when she returned in November 2001 with Billy Bob Thornton to find a baby to adopt. She had already gone through the process of being approved for adoption at home as an American parent. "With my reputation for every crazy thing in the world, it was very reassuring to have a woman analyze me and say I'm a fit parent," she says. "I kind of needed that. At the end of the day they actually thought I'd be a very good disciplinarian." In Cambodia she resolved to visit one orphanage and bring a baby home. He was the last baby she saw. He smiled in a way that made her feel he was comfortable with her. (Though Thornton was with her, she notes that "I'd wanted to adopt -- it wasn't his idea.")

The child she would later name Maddox was three months old when they met. She spent an hour with him at her hotel, then he was taken away. There were medical tests to be done, approvals to be had, American visas to arrange. She didn't see Maddox for another four months, when he was brought by a nurse to Namibia, where Jolie was making the movie Beyond Borders. (His American visa still hadn't come through, and she had already decided that she was prepared to raise him outside America if necessary.)

"My life belongs to him," Jolie says now. "That thing I used to have when something would go wrong, that place of self-destruction or addiction or craziness, when you have a child you can't afford that and you just don't. When your world falls apart or you're feeling really depressed, you pick yourself up and smile so they don't worry."

Jolie tells me about their routines: how Madness' "It Must Be Love" is their song (she calls him Mad or Madness). "We sleep next to each other, and he's in his little white pajamas and his little hair sticking up all over the place, and this morning he just crawled right on top of me and put his face right in my face and woke me up, and he looked at me with the funniest little cheeky smile and then rolled over and started laughing. It's just so . . . brilliant."

Jolie says she will soon reapply to adopt as a single parent with one child. "I've never been tested, but as far as I know I'm capable of having children. But I feel like, right now, if I made a decision to have one [myself], there'd be one less child that I'd be bringing home from some country." And now, when she acts and needs to find sadness, she has to use something else. Once, for a split second, she considered using the thought of something bad happening to Maddox and then realized she couldn't do it. "No scene is worth that," she says. As Jolie tells me this, she tears up. Her eyes are still wet as she explains how rarely she cries in life. "I've found crying pointless," she says. "Maybe I was just around a lot of people that cried, and I just saw it accomplishing nothing. If there's something wrong, I want to fix it. I want to know how to fight against it."

Jolie pauses for a moment, considering either the answer or whether to share it, after I ask her when she last cried over something personal.

"When Billy and I lost our friendship," she says. "But at the same time as it was really sad to see that change and disappear, it was also freeing to accept it and to come back to being on my own and being strong again. And it was time."

(Excerpted from RS 928, August 7, 2003)

Rolling Stone (http://www.rollingstone.com)

Jul 27th, 2003, 05:38 AM
And another article (since you have to buy the issue to even read it online... I thought I'd be nice and post it for the other fans) :)

Son Maddox "makes me feel like the most important person in the world," says Jolie (with him in June). On the Mohawk: "He had this crazy hair that stood straight up. I had to do something with it. He likes it."
(Courtesy Takashi Seida)

And Baby Makes Two

Swearing her wild days (and Billy Bob) are behind her, Angelina Jolie says she was saved from chaos by the love of a good man: her adopted son Maddox, now almost 2.

As a teenager Angelina Jolie studied embalming. Just a year ago she was wearing a necklace containing a drop of her husband's blood. So it's surprising that inside her trailer on the set of Taking Lives, the crime thriller she's filming in Montreal, the decor is much more grad student than goth. The New York Times, The Economist, various United Nations reports and a book about Nietzsche are strewn about. Still, the brain food will have to wait while Jolie admires the newest painting by her nearly-2-year-old son Maddox, who's playing on the floor. "Mad's just discovered black," she says. "Also red and orange." Another talent? "He can do his hair in a Mohawk if I put gel in his hand," says Jolie. The tyke's most impressive feat, however, is the spell he has cast on his mom. "For me, becoming a parent changed everything," she says. "My priorities straightened out. My life is all different."
Alert the understatement authorities. In the past year the 28-year-old Jolie has undergone a dramatic turnabout, transforming herself from the tattooed, kinda scary, crazy-in-love wife of Billy Bob Thornton to a (still tattooed) single mom and U.N. activist. Having privately weathered all the tabloid headlines, Jolie is now back in the spotlight with Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, the sequel to '01's nearly $300 million-grossing flick. And once again she is living up to her reputation as perhaps Hollywood's most provocative actress, an image that only deepened after two personal dramas: the sudden collapse of her white-hot marriage to Thornton, 47, and a falling-out with her father, actor Jon Voight, who publicly questioned her well-being last year and again last month. Now Jolie wants to set the record straight. "I'm okay," says the 2000 Oscar winner. "Actually I'm better than ever. I feel I'm finally living the life I should be living, and I haven't had that feeling before."

Thanks in large part to Maddox, a Cambodian orphan whom she adopted when he was 7 months old. Jolie had already been considering adoption when, in November 2001, she went on a U.N. trip to Cambodia, a place she had adored while filming the first Tomb Raider. "Somebody told me that if you're going to adopt an orphan, you should adopt from a country you love, because that's the only history you're going to share with them," she says. "I went into an orphanage and decided I'd not go for the cutest child but just go to the one that connected to me." Maddox, who Jolie says is from "a very poor village," was the last child she saw. "He was asleep, and he woke up and smiled," she recalls. "As soon as I saw him smile, I felt like this kid wasn't uncomfortable with me. He seemed okay in my arms."

Four months later the paperwork was completed, and Jolie was an instant mother. "I kind of winged it," she says. "I remember his first warm bath. He seemed so surprised. Then I realized he didn't have plumbing, so he'd never felt warm water before." These days Jolie's favorite time is when the two curl up in bed together. "Every night I get a foot in the face or a finger poking me in the eye," she says, "but it's fantastic. When he gets cozy, it's the best feeling in the world."
At first, however, motherhood was bittersweet. When she adopted Maddox, she thought that she'd be raising him with Thornton, who has three kids from two of his four marriages prior to wedding Jolie. After all the public passion and quirky declarations of intimacy including Thornton's admission that he wore her underwear what went wrong? "I'd love to know," she says. "I don't have a f-----g clue."

But there were signs that the relationship was in trouble just two years into their union when Jolie began traveling as a U.N. goodwill ambassador for refugees while Thornton hit the road with his band. "We simply didn't know each other anymore," she says. "It was very, very clear that we had nothing to talk about. It made for a very uncomfortable, sad situation." Even more so when she brought Maddox to L.A. for his first visit with Thornton. "Billy and I didn't sleep in the same place that night," she says. "I had that first night of realizing my best friend was gone." So why had Thornton declared his excitement about Maddox's arrival just weeks earlier? "I think he was into saying things that solidified our marriage," she says. Their last interaction, the day before her 27th birthday on June 4, 2002, was ugly: "We got into a big fight. I haven't seen him since." (Thornton's rep had no comment for this story.)

When other stars say they are moving on after a breakup, it might mean changing yoga instructors. For Jolie it has meant constructing a new home built on stilts in a Cambodian jungle once occupied by brutal Khmer Rouge forces. "They've removed 48 unexploded land mines so far," says Jolie, who also has a home outside London. "I'm sure some people will question why I'm bringing my son into an area with land mines. When I looked around, I saw other families and thought, 'Why shouldn't I?' I'm happy there."
She already has had to contend with more personal hostilities in her hometown of Beverly Hills. On July 21 Voight her long-estranged father, with whom she had reconciled briefly when he played a role in the first Tomb Raider told Inside Edition that Jolie "has found very clever ways to mask her extreme problems"; a year earlier similar comments called into question his 's mothering ability. "My father had never seen me and he still hasn't with my baby," says the actress, who has dropped Voight as her legal surname. For his part Voight, 64, told Inside Edition, "I'm her dad and I love her, no matter what she says about me." Jolie says her father's views are misplaced. Acknowledging "I've been self-destructive my whole life and had my times when I wasn't healthy," she adds, "Last year was probably the cleanest and healthiest year of my life."

Which doesn't mean that Jolie has ditched her dark side. "From early on I felt a sense of wild, a fight in me," she notes. Jolie says her dad left the family when she was 6 months old; she and brother James, 30, were raised by their mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, 53, in Palisades, N.Y., and later in L.A. As an adolescent she considered funeral work and took at-home courses on how to prepare bodies for burial. She also grappled with an eating disorder, insomnia and self-mutilation, or cutting. "I had a lot of sadness and distrust," she says. "I came very close to the end of my life a few times." Jolie won't elaborate ("The stories tend to come out with a certain shock value, rather than an explanation that might be helpful to a 13-year-old") but does say, "I think all the self-destruction comes from wanting to disappear, because I didn't know where to put myself."

This is an online excerpt of PEOPLE magazine's cover package.

TODD GOLD in Los Angeles
People Magazine USA (http://www.people.com)

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