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Jul 22nd, 2003, 04:01 AM
$25,000 Les Contamines

... Singles Main Draw ...

[1]Riana-Shamira Zubir vs. Catriella Daniilidou
Elke Vandecaetsbeek vs. [6]Nadia Banaszek
[8]Anne-Laure Vandelion vs. Emilie Joubert
Samantha Kraston vs. [3]Liezel Coetzer

[4]Elizabeth Hawkins vs. wc-Amanda Poirot
Qualifier #1 vs. [7]Arantxa Danese
[5]Daniela Turundzhov vs. Juliana Lapentti
Qualifier #2 vs. [2]Carmen Prado(LL)Amanda Kolbovic

... Singles Qualifying Draw ...

[1]Amanda Kolbovic vs. Hedviga Svetikova

[2]Nika Beckham vs. Madzia Grzybowska

... Doubles Main Draw ...

(1)wc-Vandecaetsbeek/Zubir vs. Joubert/Poirot
Kraston/Svetikova vs. (4)Banaszek/Vandelion
ALT-Danese/Daniilidou vs. Beckham/Kolbovic
Hawkins/Turundzhov vs. (2)Coetzer/Lapentti

Surface is hardcourt, points are due to Tuesday 10am Mex. City time.

Jul 22nd, 2003, 04:28 AM
I havent got points from:
Zubir, Daniilidou, Vandelion, Coetzer, Hawkins, Prado

I wont receive ANYONE'S points after deadline

Jul 22nd, 2003, 07:06 PM
Go Nika!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Jul 22nd, 2003, 07:12 PM
Singles Qualifying results:

Hedviga Svetikova def. [1]Amanda Kolbovic 6-3, 6-3
Kolbovic replaces Prado in main draw

[2]Nika Beckham def. Madzia Grzybowska 6-1, 6-7(5), 6-1

Jul 22nd, 2003, 07:17 PM
Hedviga :bounce:

Amanda :sad: - but vamos main draw :D

Nika :)

Jul 22nd, 2003, 09:20 PM
Nikita ;)

Jul 22nd, 2003, 09:30 PM
woho!! I won my first match as a pro!! *crying* :) :) :p

Jul 24th, 2003, 04:50 AM
(1)Riana-Shamira Zubir def. Catriella Daniilidou 6-7(4), 6-1, 6-2
Elke Vandecaetsbeek def. (6)Nadia Banaszek 7-6(6), 5-7, 7-5
Emilie Joubert def. (8)Anne-Laure Vandelion 7-5, 6-3
Samantha Kraston def. (3)Liezel Coetzer 7-6(5), 6-1

wc-Amanda Poirot def. (4)Elizabeth Hawkins 7-5, 6-4
(Q)Hedviga Svetikova def. (7)Arantxa Danese 6-4, 6-4
(5)Daniela Turundzhov def. Juliana Lapentti 6-2, 0-6, 7-5
(LL)Amanda Kolbovic def. (Q)Nika Beckham: 5-7, 7-6(7), 7-6(1)

Jul 24th, 2003, 04:51 AM
Doubles R1

(1)Vandecaetsbeek/Zubir def. Joubert/Poirot 7-6(1), 2-6, 6-3
(3)Banaszek/Vandelion def. Kraston/Svetikova 3-6, 6-3, 7-6(8)
Beckham/Kolbovic def. ALT-Danese/Daniilidou 5-7, 6-1, 7-5
(2)Coetzer/Lapentti def. Hawkins/Turundzhov 7-6(6), 6-1

Jul 24th, 2003, 08:11 AM
c'mon daniela!

Jul 24th, 2003, 09:40 AM
Sorry Alek.. i was very busy this weekend.

I will send points next time.

Jul 24th, 2003, 09:49 AM

wc-Amanda Poirot def. (4)Elizabeth Hawkins 7-5, 6-4

Jul 24th, 2003, 10:32 AM
Nadia :fiery:

Nadia/Anne-Laure :D

Jul 24th, 2003, 03:47 PM
Kolbovic Scrapes Past Beckham, Wins in Doubles Too


Kolbovic posing for a shot to be used on FWTT Tennis Magazine

Amanda Kolbovic has finally done it! She's won a FWTT match that counts! She defeated her current doubles partner Nika Beckham 5-7 7-6 7-6 to advance to the second round of Les Contamines ITF. Kolbovic had perviously lost both singles matches in Fed Cup for Afrika, but rallied with "partner" Liezel Coetzer to take the doubles.

Kolbovic was defaulted in her Qualification match against an unknown nobody, Hedviga-something. Amanda was jetting back from Indonesia, but missed her match because she HAD to take a shower to cleanse herself from what a friend told us was "the plague". So instead of defaulting him, the tournament director gave a ball girl the chance to play that nobody, and the ballgirl barely lost in two tense sets.

"I'm not mad about being defaulted, because I knew I'd get the LL due to my overall talent and beauty. I'll show the tour that I'm going to be #1, just wait!"

Jul 24th, 2003, 05:30 PM
ouch.. Nika :sad: so close...

Jul 24th, 2003, 08:23 PM
Samantha :D

Jul 24th, 2003, 08:38 PM
Singles QF

(1)Riana-Shamira Zubir def. Elke Vandecaetsbeek 0-6, 6-1, 7-5
Emilie Joubert def. Samantha Kraston 7-6(4), 4-6, 7-5
(Q)Hedviga Svetikova def. wc-Amanda Poirot 6-0, 7-6(5)
(5)Daniela Turundzhov def. (LL)Amanda Kolbovic 7-6(4), 7-6(8)

Jul 24th, 2003, 08:39 PM
Doubles SF

(1)Vandecaetsbeek/Zubir def. (3)Banaszek/Vandelion 6-3, 1-6, 7-5
(2)Coetzer/Lapentti def. Beckham/Kolbovic 7-6(8) 6-7(1), 7-6(2)

Jul 24th, 2003, 08:39 PM
Congrats Emilie :)

Samantha :sad:
Amanda :sad:

Jul 24th, 2003, 08:56 PM
Amanda :fiery:

Jul 24th, 2003, 08:57 PM
:bounce: Vamos Hedviga to the title! :D

Jul 24th, 2003, 09:35 PM
Svetikova into semifinals

Hedviga Svetikova advanced to the semifinals of the ITF Challenger event in Les Contamines, France today.

The Slovak teenager defeated Frenchwomen Amanda Poirot 6-0, 7-6(5). Svetikova overcame a mental lapse in the second set and a hostile crowd to secure the victory.

"It was a hard battle today," Svetikova said. "Amanda really came out fighting in the second set and I had a tough time holding in there. Hopefully I can take what I learned today and put it to good use in my next match."

Svetikova will face 5th seeded Daniela Turundzhov of Australia tomorrow.

Jul 25th, 2003, 12:53 AM
Nadia/Anne-Laure :sad: :(

Jul 25th, 2003, 08:50 AM
Emilie :bounce:

Jul 25th, 2003, 04:12 PM
congratulations ;)

Jul 26th, 2003, 03:50 AM
Singles semifinal results:
Emilie Joubert def. (1)Riana-Shamira Zubir 7-5, 5-7, 7-6(4)
(Q)Hedviga Svetikova def. (5)Daniela Turundzhov 6-4, 6-4

Singles Final results:
Emilie Joubert def. (Q)Hedviga Svetikova 0-6, 7-6(5), 6-1

Jul 26th, 2003, 03:51 AM
Doubles final result:
(2)Coetzer/Lapentti def. (1)Vandecaetsbeek/Zubir 1-6, 6-2, 7-5

Jul 26th, 2003, 03:58 AM
:bounce: Congrats Hedviga on making it to the finals :D - :sad: @ the final result though :(

Congrats Emilie :) - Glad the person who beat me did something besides lose in the next round ;)

Jul 26th, 2003, 04:00 AM
Congrats Emilie :)

Jul 26th, 2003, 04:23 AM
well done Emilie

Jul 26th, 2003, 04:52 AM
OMG :eek: We won our first two rounds with so little points in the first set :eek:

Jul 26th, 2003, 04:52 AM
And we won the final! Thanks Liezel for playing with me!

Jul 26th, 2003, 06:59 AM
Congrats Emilie

Jul 26th, 2003, 09:54 PM
Emilie won, but can't believe in that

Emilie after the final

Emilie Joubert def. (Q) Hedviga Svetikova 0-6, 7-6(5), 6-1

"I'm really happy and I still can't believe in that... Today's match was really close and I think that Hedviga will agree with me, that we have done everything what we could to win this trophy. Maybe I had little more luck, maybe Hedviga had less, but I'm sure none will tell that we weren't playing well. Now I'm going to Sopot, one of my favourite cities, where I'll play in Tier III A tournament. I hope that I can play like here or better. I want to thank the organizers, all ballboys and the wonderful crowd for everything. I'll come back here during my holidays in the end of season, I promise!"