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Jul 7th, 2003, 02:08 PM
Finally I can do yesterday's report after being this morning boat riding with the players at Mondello Bay :p

Yesterday was hot and I arrive by 2 pm. The matches went like that:

Tian Tian Sun (202 WTA) def. Kaia Kanepi (234 WTA) 2/6 6/1 6/2
Both are fine players being their forehand their strenght. I was a bit disappointed with Kaia as I thought she would be a better player after all the talk about her. In fact she is a decent player but she will have to improve (especially her backhand) if she wants to get to the top 100 :sad: She looks a nice girl, never complaining, always having the same face expression :rolleyes: After the match she didn't feel so bad and started running around the club with her headphones on as usual...this girl likes running. Tian Tian really has to improve her backhand too. Too many mistakes.

Zi Yan (261 WTA) def. Monika Hovvat (WC) (not ranked) 6/0 6/1
That was a one-side match between the very beautiful Yan and Aniko's best friend, non WTA ranked Hovvat. Zi Yan's play is a joy to watch creating angles and smashing the ball hitting everything with 2 hands. Monika actually knows how to play, but she's not yet at this level. She was all smiles in court and enjoying the experience. Aniko was cheering so loud for her and making waves with her family and when she got her only game look as if they won the tourny ;) (They were remaining in Sicily until Thursday as a family holiday after her good run at Wimbly)BTW, who talked about Tanasugarn being naive?? Aniko really looks like a 14 year old kid. Her face is so "childish" and she's so sweet. I really hope the best for her, very friendly girl.

Jie Zheng (170 WTA) def. Alyona Bondarenko (7) (150 WTA) 6/1 6/2
I didn't see much of this match but it wasn't as easy as the score suggest for Jie. Alyona (prettier and fitter than her sister) knows how to play and tried her best. Jie was just too good for her at the end.

Julia Schruff (5) (129 WTA) def. Delia Sesciorenau (377 WTA) 6/1 7/6 (7/5)
That was a strange match on CC. Delia didn't play bad at the beginning, just like Aniko in the first round, at the end, more consistent Schruff would take the point. Then, Delia raised her game and the heat really sterted to affect Julia. They went to the TB and Delia was up 5/2 there with Julia really cramping. At the end experience paid off and Julia went through. I'm pretty sure that if the German had lost that 2nd set she would have withdrawn.

Maret Ani (161 WTA) def. Bahia Mouthassine (8) (157 WTA) w/o
Sorry, I can't remember who asked me in a pm the reason of the w/o but no reason has been told to the press.

Eva Fislova (6) (131 WTA) def. Caroline Dhenin (432 WTA) 6/2 6/4
I didn't follow that match at all and I'm still wondering how Caroline managed to get 6 games from Eva :eek:

Ivana Abramovic (199 WTA) def. Sara Errani (725 WTA) 4/6 6/4 6/1
That was a good match from Sara that actually has a beautiful baseline game (definetely in her first match didn't show what she's capable of) and Ivana was missing quite a lot. Last set showed the real difference of play and rankings between the 2 girls. BTW, Ivana is very beautiful and IMO looks a bit like Dani H. She's nice too just like her coach who always says hi to me :)

Zi Yan (261 WTA) def. Jie Zheng (170 WTA) 6/3 6/3
This was a gret match between 2 very strong players. It's a shame they don't play more often in the circuit as they would easily improve her ranking. Zi was the one who won the key points and clinched the match.

Renata Voracova (3) (120 WTA) def. Laura Dell'Angelo (354 WTA) 6/2 2/0 ret.
Renata is actually one of the most impressive players of the draw. I wonder how she hasn't break into the top 100 yet. She's due to it in the next months. Laura retired with a problem in her right leg and withdrew from doubles qualy too (was supposed to play with Delia)

Schaul Claudine def. Sun Tian tian 6/7 6/2 6/1
The first set was very competed and could have been won by either player. The next 2 sets showed a very tired Tian Tian who tried but Claudine was too fresh for her.

I'll finish it later as the qualy matches have started!!!

The Guilty
Jul 7th, 2003, 02:20 PM
Thanks, Great report! :yeah:

Jul 7th, 2003, 02:22 PM
thank you again!:):worship:

Jul 7th, 2003, 02:24 PM
Thanks! Good to see the Chinese players are playing well.

Jul 7th, 2003, 05:28 PM
Spiceboy, we would like to hear more about your new friend Dominique Van Boekel!

Jul 7th, 2003, 05:32 PM
Spiceboy, you've watched Abramovic, playing! Is she a big server? And thanks for the report. Happily you're in Palermo to give some scores.

Jul 7th, 2003, 05:43 PM

I'll answer your questions later on, I'm going to watch Denisa vs Arancha now!!! :wavey:

King Aaron
Jul 7th, 2003, 05:56 PM
Thanks. :D