View Full Version : which player has the WHITEST PEARLY WHITES?...Capriati or...?? ****IMPORTANT***

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:13 AM
many of the top players have Yeloow teeth...Serena just to name a few...but the realll challenge is finding a player with great pearly whites....well heres a few!

Capriati (she has just the cleanest whitest smile...)



OR Kournikova?

OR Venus...Venus unlike Serena has beautyfull White teeth....

Gonzo Hates Me!
Jun 16th, 2003, 07:17 AM
LMAO!!! I am a teeth fanatic, but I don't even pay attention to their teeth... oh, Martina, I've always just wanted to touch her teeth. I have a habit of doing that to people with really nice teeth

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:20 AM
i suggest someone deletes this thread, this is getting out of hand, but i think anna has the whitest teeth, of course, its ANNA! ;) :D :lick: :) :cool:

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:22 AM
venus and monica have pretty teeth. serena's teeth yellow? well i know they are nice and straight... anna's teeth are a nice shade, but they are nowhere near perfect in shape and alignment. from that avatar pic of kim, she looks to have very nice teeth, too. o, and hingis.

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:26 AM
oooh Kim has great teeth too...according to Leyton anyways! hehehe! and i still think Capriatis...just look at one of her close up pics ...GOD HER TEETH GLOW...i swear she brushes with bleach!

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:30 AM
its hard to tell who has the best teeth, but when i kissed anna i had a good luck at those teeth, so thats why i can say she has the best!

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:33 AM
I DID NOT make this statement...it was stated by a poster who wish to remain annonymous....

"I hate when ppl post "crap" threads to 'advertise' their faves. Like we're all the sudden gonna go 'Hey, I do like her now that I read that completely assanine thread'."

That is all.

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:34 AM
Well, when Jan-Michael and I get our freeek on, I always get a good look at his choppers. Absolutely perfect.

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:35 AM

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:40 AM
oooh if were speaking about the men too... MMMMMM my MAN (thats right lol MY MAN! heheh) Safin has the best pearly whites...Capriati can shove it! LMAO...

LMAO @ Rtael!

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:40 AM
well everyone is just gonna say that their favorite player has the whitest teeth...what a stupid topic...

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:41 AM
do i really plug Capriati a lot Rtael??? oooh well sue me!

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:42 AM
no it just so happens that my fave does actyually have the whitest teeth...what? its the truth

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:43 AM
do i really plug Capriati a lot Rtael??? oooh well sue me!
Just a little...not to be mean but it's soooo annoying to see threads about Capriati's teeth... :rolleyes:

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:44 AM
haha ok whatever, so does my favorite!!

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:49 AM
No, it's not the truth,....it's the tooth.

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:55 AM
Lindsay has pretty white teeth too :)

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:57 AM
LOL @ Seles comments! haha THAT WAS CLASSIC BABY! LMAO... "its not the truth its the tooth" poooh your killin me!

yeah i overdo it on Capriati...but im just compensating for the lack of posts by abbysulks!!

Jun 16th, 2003, 07:58 AM
bis...she does? well she has teeth...but she smokes too....sooooooo i dunno!

Jun 16th, 2003, 08:43 AM
BadBoy has bright white teeth because he brushes 3 times a day... But u know who really has some bright ones??? Oprah. Now see what money does for ya??? LOL

Jun 16th, 2003, 09:18 AM
yeh sorry bout that trish
it is true tho jenny does have the whitest teeth her smile is breathtaking
even when she was little she had nice teeth so i dont think she had braces or had them whitened or anything.
thta good enuf yet for u trish? :p

Jun 16th, 2003, 09:20 AM
bad boy! TENNIS BABY TENNIS...unless oprah plays tennis? oooh wait shes connected to the william sisters (i think she owns them!) nevermind baby!...

why dont you give me a taste of those pearly whites huh??? hehehe!

Jun 16th, 2003, 09:23 AM
shucks...whats next bad boy??? wrestling? Trish chat?....i know i knoiw...its hard not to gawk and say "IM TALKING TO THE DIVA T-H-E DIVA of WWE!!!!"...but like you i am only a simple girl FROM Canada (thats right King Lyndsay) and i just like to be treated like a normal girl!

Jun 16th, 2003, 10:06 AM
Well,I think the whitest should be Jenny Cap's. Yeh,really.My first impression of her. :lick:

Jun 16th, 2003, 10:08 AM
Well I have only seen Elena D in real life, and her teeth were marvalous. She also has very clean skin.

Jun 16th, 2003, 10:21 AM
abby...i dunno...i mean...im always defending our hero! my cousin she may be...but still youre a fan too! i mean at the end of the day..threads have to be shared...if im the only Cappy fan on THIS forum i have to do double duty for our Jen Jen! and half the time im "bitched" at by ppl! OOOH WELL!