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SeReNa FoReVeR
Jun 1st, 2003, 09:10 PM
and as much as reading these threads you all have really hyped up Vera. She is good, but I think her ranking is where it belongs for now. She really needs to work on her movement. But looking at Venus playing against Vear, please tell me you see and realize Venus isn't even moving like Venus. She is getting inches within balls and is just stoping her stroke, like she ain't gon get it back. Again this is another case of Injured and not 100% Venus loosing.

Venus has lost 4 times this year, 2 of them during injury. 1 during bad play, and the other her opponent was better than her that day.

Venus and Serena make interesting statements that everyone but Fans believe. When Serena said that over the past two years, when she lost it wasn't b/c her opponent played so well there was just nothing she could do, it was b/c nothing was working in her game, and 80 errors makes a hell of a difference. And over the past year, Everyone except fans, as in The Commentators, the Players have said this is true, except for the fans :rolleyes: Is it b/c you all are such big fans that this statement will never be true if your fave beats Venus and Serena while a williams had 80 errors? If it were true, to back up Serena's statement, she has played like this many times, matter of fact her more recent wins, like over Clijsters in Australia and Jennifer in Miami, she has had over 60 errors and still win. That really says something. You have given your opponent 60 points off your racquet. And they still couldn't beat you. Come on.

Back to Venus vs. Vera, this gurl is good and consistent, but she would go down easily to a healthy venus. But take this to note, the gurls are getting so much better and better that if Venus or Serena are off, they are struggling more so than what they did before.

Jun 1st, 2003, 09:21 PM
I disagree about Vera's movement- her movement was a big factor in her win today, as she constantly got balls back and made Venus hit more shots than she would have had to against other players.