View Full Version : Caption Serena:

Jun 1st, 2003, 12:59 PM

(Serena looking for glittery bead that has fallen off her dress)

Ai: "It's to your right!"

Jun 1st, 2003, 01:01 PM
Serena: "Are my boobs still intact!!!!"

Jun 1st, 2003, 01:15 PM
Serena trying to imitate Christina Aguillera in 'Dirrty'.

Astro Jetson
Jun 1st, 2003, 01:18 PM
After she missed an easy volley, Serena Williams asked Ai Sugiyama to punish her.

Jun 1st, 2003, 01:18 PM
Having heard that the only way to beat a good champion is to kick her when she's down, Ai Sugiyama (and her right foot) are about to put this theory to the test.

Jun 1st, 2003, 01:32 PM
Has anyone seen my contacts?

Jun 1st, 2003, 01:36 PM
seriously...what the fuck is SHE doing

Jun 1st, 2003, 01:38 PM
yeah Bk4ever inquiring minds want to know.

Jun 1st, 2003, 01:39 PM
I think she dropped her Harry Winston diamond bracelet as it not on her wrist in the photo

Jun 1st, 2003, 01:42 PM

I watched the match "live". Good match it
was. This happened in one of the rallies.
Serena went charging for one of the many shots
that seem to be one of those hanging on the net
type balls. Serena sort of crashed right into
the net sideways after missing her footing.
Ai went up to see if she was all right.

Jun 1st, 2003, 01:43 PM
She fell trying to get to a volley...thank goodness she wasnt trying to tell Ai to kiss that ass ;)

As big as it is...Ai would have been there all day :)

Jun 1st, 2003, 03:07 PM
Ai: Damn it, I should have brought my Teriyaki sauce to spread on that ass... hmmm... baby's got back!!!

Jun 1st, 2003, 04:51 PM
Ai - "I thought you said kick my ass.""

Jun 1st, 2003, 05:07 PM
Serena: "No! Don't let her come any closer! I can't look upon her! I can't look!"

Jun 1st, 2003, 05:08 PM
While their opponents' backs were turned, doubles partners Ai Sugiyama and Serena Williams snuck under the net to play a trick on them late in the third set.

Martian KC
Jun 1st, 2003, 05:43 PM
Ai- I guess this is my opportunity to finally kick Serena's ass.;)