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Jun 1st, 2003, 12:54 AM

Last January Venus Williams lost her fourth straight Grand Slam final to her younger sister, Serena. Since then Venus hasn't been the same player, according to Bud Collins of NBCSports.com.

Struggling Venus must get meaner
Losses to sister Serena have taken their toll on her game

PARIS, May 31 — Venus Williams is clearly in limbo. The once great and intimidating two-time Wimbledon and two-time U.S. Open champion looks completely disinterested in her tennis here at the French Open.

In her second round match at Roland Garros, the third-seeded Williams took more than an hour and a half to find her range and put down a spirited challenge by journeywoman Evie Dominikovic 6-3, 4-6, 6-2. But against the Australian, Venus committed a whopping 68 unforced errors, lost her serve five times and took nearly two hours to move on.

I asked Venus after the win whether she was invested in the match at all — because for most of the contest, she really looked liked she wasn’t. She said she was, but had she been up against a more skilled competitor, I feel she might very well have been sent reeling out of the tournament and back home from Paris.

Williams played better in the third round.

She hit six aces and beat No. 26 Silvia Farina Elia 6-1, 6-2 in 52 minutes.

Venus wasn’t moving her feet on her groundstrokes and excused herself by saying that because she’s so tall, it can be difficult for her to set up. But on many occasions, getting to the ball on time is all about effort.

Since she lost her fourth straight Grand Slam final to her little sister, Serena, in Australia back in January, Venus has been a phantom on tour, winning only one title.

Her three-set loss to her sister Down Under has clearly devastated her.

In the last game of that match, she looked so unsure of herself that it appeared that her right arm might fall off because it was shaking so mightily when she went up to serve.

The woman who could once scorch a heater at crunch time, the woman who dared her foes to hit wide to her backhand so she could launch a blistering reply down the line had gone up in smoke in Australia and was merely a ball of nerves.

That Venus Williams — the one who had stood above all others in the women’s game, even her little sister — disappeared in the Melbourne humidity and she really hasn’t been seen since.

I think Venus is a little depressed because she isn’t sure whether she can ever leapfrog Serena.

As a result, her level of play has dropped to a point where she is very vulnerable to a number of players, including Jennifer Capriati, should the two meet up in the quarterfinals.

Venus once had the best serve in the world and now she holds back on both her first and second serves.

There is no fear factor when her opponents face her any more.

Even Dominikovic said that she was glad to face Venus rather than Serena.

That’s got to hurt.

Venus needs a large dose of confidence and the only way she’s going to get it is to get hungry again.

When she was asked after the Dominikovic match whether she was still ravenous to win titles and willing to put in the work, she said she was — but she didn’t say it with a lot of conviction.

Like Serena did when they played each other in Australia, Venus has to show some emotion and tell herself, Serena, and the world that she still cares about competing and winning.

I recall that at one point in the first set of their Aussie Open final Serena was so frustrated with her sister’s strong defense that she actually threw her racket toward her chair in anger.

She went on to win the match.

The next time Venus starts spraying forehands, she should at least bounce the large gold circle earrings she’s wearing across the court and over the net.

By not showing enough emotion in Australia, Venus conceded the mental high ground against the battle-loving Serena.

That’s been the case the last year and half between the two and the older sister needs to get meaner if she is going to rise to the top of the pack again.

Venus has a beautiful smile that the world loves to see, but on court, she needs to flash her fangs a little more.

As Venus herself said after moving on to the third round at Paris, ” I can’t stay at this level and still continue to do as well as I’d like to at this tournament.

“I’ve got to find my balance and find it, soon.”


Jun 1st, 2003, 01:39 AM
Bud is a little harsh, especially after he did interview Venus like nothing was wrong but he does have a point.

Jun 1st, 2003, 02:00 AM
I was thinking about that too. He seemed all "lovey-dovey" with Venus. I wonder if she is going to have access to this article. . ..LOL!!!!! Then again, it's not much different than what people have been saying since she lost in the semifinals of Miami last year to Serena.

Jun 1st, 2003, 02:05 AM
Venus plays better when she shows no emotion on court. Lately she looks flustered and upset when she is playing. She doesn't seem to have her game face on anymore.

Jun 1st, 2003, 02:15 AM
Venus showed no emotion during this match until she did her pirouette. Bud always seems really slow to me when he interviews people on camera. Anyway, Venus has never been mean on court but I didn't see her normally AGGRESSIVE play until today. She came in like a machine and made her swinging volleys. I think she's gained a bit of confidence now that her injury seems to be treated well. I knew Kerri would take care of it. I can't wait until tomorrow.

Jun 1st, 2003, 02:16 AM
Venus should "take her [Serena's] eye out" if I may quote Richard Williams.

Venus I agree needs to be meaner and forget about Serena. Serena is clearly not thinking about her.

After the match they can be friends again but during the match no stopping play and giving Serena points, etc like at the Melbourne tiebreaker. Don't give Serena anything but a HARD TIME!!!


Jun 1st, 2003, 02:21 AM
Tomorrow should be REAL nice for Venus. She's finding form just in time.

Who's Venus playing again? "I never heard of her before."