View Full Version : Bartoli is the Next "good" top 10!

May 29th, 2003, 07:22 PM
Watching the match so far, she is gunnin it with Jennifer. And the only reason why she has lost this match is b/c of her reach. She is dictating the play, coming to net, and her volleys aren't that good, but she is getting there, moving jennifer around and the passes jennifer is attempting aren't specatcular but they are good enough again Marion b/c of her reach. She needs to practice taking hands off both sides when she gets in. But she is the one dicating out there so far in the match. Jennifer is just playing good defense, and ending the points immediately from defense to offensive winners.

I say this time next year, she is top 10 maybe 20!

May 29th, 2003, 07:39 PM
I fell in love with Marion's game when I saw her beat Lindsay at Nasdaq. Her serve and reach are her biggest liabilities. Instead of emulating Monica, she should develop her own style. Monica at least stretches when she goes for a ball... Marion just kinda puts her racquet out there and hopes for the best.

Her return is great... her strategy of sitting inside the baseline to return the ball on the first and second serve points, works well for her. She's willing to stay in the long rallies but she nets the ball too much. She doesn't have enough confidence in her shots yet. She depends on the other player to make the errors too much. But she's aggressive. She starts to come in but then she backs away. If she can just improve her serve, her reach, her tenacity and have more confidence when she comes in, she'll do well. Top 20 for sure.

Steffica Greles
May 29th, 2003, 07:44 PM
I've seen Bartoli on several occasions, and I've never been overly impressed.

Yes, she's a useful player, she'll certainly make the top 30 at some stage in her career (as far as the word "certain" is certain) and has powerful groudstrokes, a fighting nature and times the ball well.

But double-handers from both sides can only reach the very elite in competitive tennis if they are formidable. Seles was formidable, Bartoli is not. Looking at them both, there is no comparison.

I saw her losing an epic against Sugiyama at last year's French, and she was a "definite" top ten player then. A year on, she hasn't really improved a great deal, in my opinion.

I'm sorry, but I'm far from convinced by this Bartoli girl.