View Full Version : Time to share if your favs have a potentially good draw!

Happy Guy
May 23rd, 2003, 11:56 AM
I start with Jen Cap. :) 1R Joanette Kruger, 2R Bartoli/De Los Rios, 3R Schiavone, 4R Seles and QF Venus!:) Seles is having a tough first round with Nadia (again), and so maybe the greatest challenge is Venus, who is the best Top 4 seed for Jen to draw now!:) Venus may be troubled by my other fav, Alyona :), if she progressed that far.

Patty is having a good 3R match too, Danilidou, the player who doesn't play greatly on dirt so far.:)

And please forgive to mention a bit of men's tennis, Ferrero in the same half as Hewitt!:) A great chance to proceed to final and win his first GS!:)