View Full Version : Amelie Mauresmo immortalized at Grevin Waxworks Museum

Happy Guy
May 23rd, 2003, 09:54 AM
First congratulations to Amelie.:)

But what really concerns me is that the French definitely wants Amelie to be their next national tennis heroine and to do well in Roland Garros. Although she has won a lot of important tournaments, haven't yet won a Grand Slam is still a big miss-out in her resume. But no doubt Amelie should feel the expectations from her home crowd by this 'waxing'. Will Amelie feel even more pressure on her shoulder to play well in Roland Garros so that she can live up to their expectations? I think so, even though the crowd may have just thought to encourage Amelie to play well this 'visual' expectation on her can worsen her mental state to do well in RG. The French crowd may just immortalised her after the RG.