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May 21st, 2003, 02:15 AM
...for those of you who get the TVLand channel. (Check your local listings for times) Has anyone ever seen this episode of Charlie's Angels? TV Guide online described it as:

Kris (Cheryl Ladd)
masquerades as a tennis pro in the Angels' investigation of tournament sabotage.

Might be interesting. Judging from the title, things get nasty!

May 21st, 2003, 02:19 AM
Don't they show Cheryl Ladd playing tennis in the opening credits? LOL...I bet it should be fun!

May 22nd, 2003, 02:20 PM

I taped it (it came on early, early this morning on the west coast), watched the tape and took notes on it. It was sorta fun, but also the plot was crazy! :o

Here is what happened :D

Opening Teaser to the Show

Scene I: La Hermosa, California,

"Home of the $20,000 Hermosa Cup", a stop on the women's tennis circuit. Some of the top competitors are playing an exhibition doubles match: Helga Borne - Sweden's National Champion; Sandy Keller - a newcomer to the tour; Carrie Jo Evans of Seattle - a tour veteran and one-time top ranked player; and Carmita Medina - twice Mexico’s National Champion. Also in attendance is Ronnie Kyle, a former men's pro, now sportscaster, who once lost an exhibition match to Carrie Jo (and he also happens to be a chauvinist and an alcoholic.) Also in the stands is Arlo Spinner, a short, fat, and balding racquet manufacturer with a big inferiority complex who sponsors Carrie Jo.

Scene II: The Locker Room Showers

Someone scares newcomer Sandy Keller by rigging the plumbing so that steam fills the shower and then they block the main door, forcing Sandy to escape out a side door. Poor girl is understandably frightened out of her wits.


Scene I: Townsend Associates Office

Evidently the tournament director contacts Charlie to investigate and he gives the Angels and Bosley their assignments. Kris (Cheryl Ladd) is to enter the tournament as a player since she "played college tennis." Sabrina (Kate Jackson) covers as a tennis outfit designer and Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) as a model for her designs. Bosley's cover is as an usher/attendant at the tourney.

Scene II: Courtside at the Tourney

One of the spectators flirts with Bosley.

Scene III: Tourney Clubhouse/Restaurant

Kris enters and meets Spinner and his associate Fisk. Kelly models a sexy tennis outfit with Sabrina along. They meet Spinner and Carrie Jo. The spectator from earlier continues to flirt with Bosley.

Scene IV: The Gym

Kelly finds Helga Borne practicing yoga, eating alfalfa sprouts, and saying things like "harmony is tennis" and "you, the ball, your opponent, are one - the game is inside you"

Scene V: A Tennis Court

Kris arrives to practice with Carmita Medina and sees Carmita sitting a ways off the court. Kris calls out, Carmita doesn't answer, Kris comes over and touches her, Carmita slumps over - Carmita is dead!


Scene I: Hotel Room

The Angels find out Carmita supposedly died of "respiratory failure" (yeah, right)

Scene II: The Gym

Kelly walks in to find Helga and Carrie Jo having a heated argument about what's best for women's tennis. Carrie Jo storms out, angry. Kelly asks Helga to teach her some yoga.

Scene III: Clubhouse/Restaurant

Ronnie Kyle is drunk and tries to pick up Sabrina. Spinner "rescues" her from Kyle and proceeds to tell her how his racquet company is going to "make it big" someday.

Scene IV: Hotel Room

Bosley, Kris, and Sabrina enter and see Kelly sitting in the lotus position, meditating on the floor. She is very quiet and still, causing the others to worry. Kris blurts out "My God, she's got a look just like Carmita's when I found her dead on the tennis court" (yeah, she actually said that!). Charlie has found out that Carrie Jo is broke and desperate for money (is she eliminating her opponents??)

Scene V: The Practice Court

Carrie Jo is practicing her serve. Suddenly, a sniper opens fire on her. Carrie Jo dodges the bullets, the Angels arrive, give chase, but the sniper gets away (of course)


Scene I: Clubhouse/Restaurant

Ronnie Kyle is there and drunk (again). Kris enters and challenges him to a "Battle of the Sexes" tennis match.

Scene II: Courtside

The Battle of the Sexes is about to begin. Kyle shows up (still drunk) to practice. Sabrina wonders if Kris can pull this match off since Kyle used to be "one of the best." Kris' reply: "I've got to."

Scene III: The Match

Kris is serving. She gets her first serve in but Kyle's return is deep and she nets her reply, 0-15. Kris double faults. 0-30. Kris hits an ace. 15-30. Kris hits a deep first serve, Kyle's return goes long. 30-30. Next point, Kyle rushes the net, and Kris hits a perfect lob that sails over his head and hits the baseline. 40- 30. Kyle gets mad and storms off the court.

Scene IV: Hotel Room

The Angels and Bosley speculate that Helga is either the prime suspect or the next target, take your pick.

Scene V: Somewhere on the Tournament Grounds

The Angels approach Helga as she sits down on a blanket to meditate. Helga reaches into her tote bag, a rattlesnake crawls out, and she is bit! Helga accuses the Angels of planting the snake (come on Helga, Angels don't do things like that). Sabrina runs for medical help. The camera pans to reveal Fisk watching from behind a bush with a rifle in his hands - the sniper! (is anyone really surprised)


Scene I: Arlo Spinner's Hotel Room

We find out that Spinner and Fisk are behind everything that has been going on. Evidently Spinner feels that if Carrie Jo wins this tourney, and the next, and the next, etc., all the while endorsing his new racquet, sales will go thru the roof and he will be rich, so he decided to start scaring off and/or eliminating her competition to guarantee her success. He had Fisk (the sniper) take shots at Carrie Jo earlier to make it look like she was a target as well.

Scene II: Courtside

Carrie Jo prepares to start her first-round match (!) She stops, runs over to Sabrina and Kelly and tells them Spinner and Fisk are behind everything.

Scene III: The Locker Room

Kris has a fight with Fisk, pushes over some lockers, and pins him under (you go girl!)

Scene IV: The Open Road

The Angels go on a car chase after Spinner. He manages to ambush them at gunpoint, but Sabrina talks him into surrendering (she has a knack for that)


Sandy Keller (remember her, from the opening scene? - the newcomer on the tour) - wins the tournament (congratulations) - her first win as a pro! Bosley leaves for a date with the lady who has been shamelessly flirting with him throughout the investigation. The End.

This episode is more proof that Charlie's Angels really started to go downhill after Farrah left the show! (imo)

May 23rd, 2003, 02:38 AM
Omighad destry! Thanks for taking the time and effort to give us a well written synopsis!

I remember that episode. The actress that played evil, bitch Carrie Jo was on CA several times as different characters. She had a real BJK vibe to her.

And I totally agree that CA went straight into the shitter as soon as lovley Farrah left. It was Farrah who played tennis in the opening credits. She was quite a player in her day.

Helen Lawson
May 23rd, 2003, 12:25 PM
Those early shows were really good. Those girls really had talent! Farrah once went undercover in rollerderby. Jacqueline Smith (I think it was her) once went undercover as a professional ice skater, remember that one? I always wanted to do a guest spot, but the scheduling never worked out.

Sadly, by the last few seasons, the show had really sunk. I stopped watching when some "woman" was stalking Jacqueline Smith. Smith met with "her" several times, and even though she supposedly had graduated from the police academy and had years of top experience with Charlie, it never occurred to her that this "woman" was over 6 feet tall, had an adams apple, and had stubble on "her" face.

I think the whole first season is coming out on DVD soon.

May 23rd, 2003, 12:26 PM
Its not one of the best episodes! And there is very little tennis, mostly Ladd wandering around in a towell, and nearly getting steamed to death in a shower.

Helen Lawson
May 23rd, 2003, 12:38 PM
The best episode undeniably was the one where they go undercover in the women's prison, "Angels in Chains". That script had it all. Mary Woronov, a wonderful actress, played the warden. I would have killed to play that part, but I guess they thought I was too big and would not have taken it. I would have worn my best red wig and butched it up to the max.

Sam L
May 23rd, 2003, 12:59 PM
I saw this show as a child, I can't remember a thing. LOL!

May 23rd, 2003, 02:51 PM
Thanks for the synopsis!