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May 20th, 2003, 08:25 PM
Yesteday was the last day of school. So here are some things various people wrote in my yearbook.


It's been three years since we first met. Atthat we could be brother and sister( :confused: ) I would like to thank you for being my friend, for sticking y me through me and for being upset when i left early( :confused: )on a serious note thoug, thanks for everything. Maybe over the summer we can hng out . In a group or just the two of us, who knows? Also thanks fr the three years worth of hugs. They realy helped me out a lot. Keep In Touch oer the summer. You know where I am.

18 years old
11th grade
It was cool in orchestra, you seem like a cool person, maybe next yea rwe can kick it better. Have a good summer!

Much Love,

16 years old
10th grade

( She also gave me her phone number and everyone told me she just doesn't give anyone her cell #) :bounce:

OK, Alfredo

It's been very nice knowing you. I should hope since you are stuck in High School another yearyo do what you can to have fun. Remember:

1. I 'm praying for you.
2. You have a reserved place in my heart.
3. Let's keep in touch.

Until later

18 years old
graduating senior

May 19, 2003

Alfredo, Where do I begin? As i remember,I cannot believ how long I have known you. It all started in 1999- stunts and tumbling with Ms. Crawford. I'm glad we shred French together, but was afriad sometimes your skills in French would make me look bad. Thanks for not spending the whole year showing off to the extreme. You're sooo smart and talented . You'll have to teach me Spanish sometime. Keep up the good work and say out of trouble.

18 years old
Graduating Senior


Omg it's the last day of school. I will not be able to see your handsome face anymore. Awww! I am so glad we were in the sam French class together. It has been a very long slow tough year. I have been delighted to know you and talk to you even if it as a little bit. You speak french so well. widh I coul speak it that well. You are a vey nice charming and beautiful person. I hope you have a fun and fulfilling summer. You will be a SENIOR next year. Remember to invite me to your graduation. I hope you have fun next year. Do a good job in your classes and don't be a book worm.

Never B flat
Neve B sharp
Always B natural

Luv ya lots

female 17
graduating senior

Hope you enjoyed!!!