View Full Version : Reidy's Leeds: An Insight!

May 16th, 2003, 02:40 AM
Now that Peter Reid has the full time job at Leeds, here's how everything will work out just fine:
1. In an attempt to beef him up, Jamie Milner to be put on a strict diet of Guiness, lager and bananas.

2. Club to be re-named Leeds F****** United.

3. And they now play at F****** Helland Road.

4. All foreign players will report for special 'being shouted at' training an hour before their English counter-parts.

5. Alan Smith will be fined a weeks wages for any non-foul language at any time.

6. In a bold tactical re-think, Harry Kewell to be re-invented as the target man.

7. On-loan Spanish full-back Raul Bravo to be referred to as, 'the Portuguese lad', 'the French lad', or 'Juliet Whatsisname from wherever it is'.

8. Peanuts to become the official currency at Leeds.

9. Given Reidy's inability to pronouce anything other than his own name, Eirik Bakke to be henceforth known as 'Bakery'.

10. Or just 'soft lad'.