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Shuji Shuriken
May 14th, 2003, 07:49 PM
Just the other day I was thinking about the effect this war would have on Muslim Fundamentalists in the Middle East and elsewhere, and I was thinking that maybe the Americans underestimated what they had gotten themselves into a la Iraq. I mean, they justified this war on the basis that they were protecting their future interests, and thus the argument by many that a pre-emptive attack was unjustified.

But, they went to war, found very little evidence that they had anything to fear in the first place, but in the process provoked the anger of these Fundamentalists (not that that anger didn't exist before, but it was heightened by recent events), and more innocent american and others lives will be lost in a circular action that has all the conotations of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (Fundamentalists attack Americans, American Govt. Retalliates).

Where does this leave the American people? Better or worse off, or no different than they were before this war on Iraq started? If this trend continues, then I think the effects of this war on Iraq might be more far reaching than the US government realised. This recent attack in Saudi Arabia might be just a starting point to continuous saga of violence, and the targets for the US are hazy. it's not easy to track down a bunch of pissed of Fundamentalists and pin-point them to one place. These people are all over the place, and you never know when another September 11 could occur.

I am in no way advocating or supporting these terrorists groups, because the killing of innocent people to get back at the Government of the US, is senseless. But the policies and decisions of this administration, and the arrogance with which they have been handling world affairs, certainly puts their citizens at risk (more risk than they faced before). I think they should thread more cautiously, and be less antogonizing in dealing with the Middle Eastern countries (not kiss their ass, but just use less forceful language). Let the people know that US isn't really the enemy, as they perceive them to be.

The war on Iraq has come and gone, and it makes no sense to argue about that anymore, but the future of the US people is still an open issue, and there is no ignoring the fact that that future could be threatened by some pissed off Fundamentalists if the US Government doesn't do some serious self examination of it's handling of it's affairs in the Middle East.

(On a very different note...have you ever heard Donald Rumsfelt*sp* speak? Oh my god. he sounds like such an arrogant pig, it gives me goosebumps. I never believed that one or two persons could be the demise of an entire nation until he and George Bush teamed up ;) :devil:.

Shuji Shuriken
May 14th, 2003, 08:36 PM
P.S. I am officially asking Cariosity and SJW to stay out of this thread for lack of proper contributions :worship:.

May 14th, 2003, 09:07 PM
Very interesting post and very well worded, I totally agree!!