View Full Version : Wild-Card melding between GS's.....fair or fiction?

May 14th, 2003, 05:17 PM
It bothers be that the ATF and the FTF have been approved to "Swap Wilcards" over the last few years.

Why should anyone be granted a WC while better skilled and talented players sit on the side-lines?

Grand-Slam countries, the WTA and ITF need to realise GS's are about the best players in the world looking for that trophy at the end....not about political jargon enabling some hack to nominate a player.

I am also for removing the GS individual committie's who throw a player with no results in a main-field while the #1 junior from the previous year fights through qualies against the like of Petrova and other talented players coming back from injury.

Just wanted your'e thoughts :wavey: