View Full Version : Indonesian Team Cheering thread!!

May 11th, 2003, 09:21 AM
Hope they can beat Germany! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 11th, 2003, 11:41 AM
hey rhz, where is the World group playoffs between indonesia and germany going to be held at? is it going ot be in senayan or surabaya???? because i happen to stay in jakarta so i will be able to go and watch them play if they are staging it in senayan... thanks...

May 11th, 2003, 09:23 PM
senayan, jakarta. r u indonesian?

May 12th, 2003, 09:35 AM
Yup. It's gonna be in Jakarta (Gelora Bung Karno / Senayan). Right now, they are preparing a new hardcourt